Who Are This Year’s Champions League Favorites?

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March 7 (Bloomberg) –- Bloomberg Sports Contributor Ben Lyttleton takes a look at BSports’ league projections with Bloomberg’s Mark Barton on Bloomberg Television’s “Countdown.” (Source: Bloomberg)

Again next week.

Three of the four clubs have a mountain to climb to reach the quarterfinals.

Analysis and addictions.

-- predictions.

People call it like a family member.

I think it makes me into a good cook.

I don't know if it makes anyone a good cook.

Good to see you.

Big round of games kicking off.

A couple of weeks ago, you would have hoped that the english clubs were doing better than they did in the first leg of the 16. the odds reflects that.

They had the toughest ties.

They play against munich and barcelona.

The scores were no no -- nil-nil.

They both conceded.

Arsenal traveled to buy munich -- bayern.

Munich has not lost at home since then.

They are a better -- that is why -- almost no chance.

Unfortunately for arsenal fans.

They should be fine.

Man city not so good.

He used to play for madrid.

Gives them a bit of hope.

A bit more hope for of manchester united fans, but not for long.

When the draw was made, everyone was expecting united to walked the last eight.

He didn't fancy that chance.

He thought, we have -- we will make some money what we can.

They got this amazing result.

They got a second goal as well.

The fact that they kept a clean sheet shows that, if they get one goal -- i think they are going to lose the shackles.

It is all going to happen.

That is my prediction.

These are the favorites.

They are the favorites.

The top three frogs -- clubs, 70%. it is also -- almost turning into a close -- two of those could go to the next round.

Barcelona -- they could all meet each other.

They might be knocked up by the final.

Third favorite -- they are doing well.

They won their first six.

No danger of slipping up and that getting there.

He scored 40 schools that schools.

-- he scored 40 goals.

Now he is absolutely brilliant.

He has flown under the radar a little bit.

They are for favorites.

-- for favorites.

Behind -- i have been talking to about psg.

I think they should be ahead of them.

This is relevant because malan -- you think athletic oh might not -- all the winners in the group stage, they won their away games.

A political -- it is one-zero.

I love the stats.

These are interesting.

They show that he plays on goal more than any player other than rent although -- renaldsoo.

It is the shots inside the box.

He is only 42%. just taking potshots from out of goal.

Sometimes, he is just taking chances.

When he is there, they always have a hope.

The work rate is one thing.

The performances are better, more shots.

They've got the bad boy.

He was good against athletico.

He knows one or two things about the champions league.

He has won the cup edition three times.

Who is going to win the whole thing?

Lookout for psg.

They are the only team -- the way they play, defensive end counterattacking.

Chelsea can really cause problems.

That's my production.


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