White House to Release Report on NSA Surveillance

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Dec. 18 (Bloomberg) -- The White House today will release the full report of a five-member panel that scrutinized data harvesting by the National Security Agency and recommended steps to address concerns raised by technology companies, civil liberties groups and U.S. allies. Phil Mattingly reports on Bloomberg Television's "Bloomberg West." (Source: Bloomberg)

Welcome back to "bloomberg west." i am emily chang.

We have breaking news.

The white house is going to release the panel report today, heating up a relief that was supposed to happen next month.

I want to get to white house correspondent phil mattingly.

This is a review of a panel that the president would together, looking at the nsa surveillance policy over the last few months.

This is quite a surprise to see this report is early, right?

That is right, emily.

We expected it in january along the time the president himself was opposed to announce what he planned to do, the changes he plans to implement regarding the intelligence collection methods.

The review we know for a fact has 46 recommendations in it.

It was put together by a five- member panel which included ex cia acting director mike morel.

We're told it is very lengthy, but we all expected it in january for the press secretary jay carney said today that largely because the white house feels there has been some inaccuracies in the reporting of what is in this report, they are going to release a redacted or at least readable version of it today.

Everybody is kind of waiting with bated bets to see -- bated breath to see what these regulations are.

We know that a number of ceo's, apple ceo tim cook, yahoo!'s orissa myrick, costello, twitter were all meeting with the -- yahoo!'s marissa mayer, others were all meeting with the president, do you think this has influenced to release this report now?

Jay carney was asked about that and he said no, this had been in the works for a couple of days.

But you look at that meeting, you look at the federal judge that said the nsa's collection programs were likely unconstitutional, both of these meetings, the meeting yesterday, which i was told was not a positive meeting, plus this federal judge, two very problematic days for the white house.

They have figured out that they

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