Obama Recruits Hollywood Stars to Push Health Care

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July 23 (Bloomberg) --Julianna Goldman reports on the White House's effort to recruit Hollywood stars to help implement health care. She speaks on "Street Smart." (Source: Bloomberg)

That is right.

When it comes to health-care reform one of the biggest challenges for the administration right now is getting young, healthy 20 somethings to enroll wants the exchanges opened up on october 1. to try to get the word out yesterday the white house brought together a group of celebrity artists, and the president stopped by to talk to a group of celebrities.

As you alluded to, representatives for oprah winfrey and bond jovi were on hand.

Funnyordie, for a sample, has 60 million video views per month, they see that as a way to get a lot of traction to raise awareness.

Why has it taken so long for the white house to move forward on this publicity push?


It is the middle of july and they really have a few months and people even close to the white house have been very critical of this delay.

They need to 0.7 million young people and rolled by 2014 to balance the cost of elderly patients, sicker patients, that will keep premiums low.

But this does present a marketing challenge of sorts to convince young people about why they should buy insurance, the risks of not having insurance.

They help having celebrities on board will raise the profile of this, but they were already rejected ones.

The white house approach to the nfl for their support in their marketing campaign and they rejected it.

There was a letter from its mcconnell and john horne and saying that given the divisive nature and persistence on popular nature of the law, it is difficult to understand why your location would risk your brand by lending your name to this promotion.

It looks like they might be getting oprah winfrey, but not the nfl.

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