M.I.A.: Where's Paul Ryan During Gov't Shutdown?

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Oct. 2 (Bloomberg) -- Al Hunt, host of “Political Capital With Al Hunt,” explains why Rep. Paul Ryan, a Wisconsin Republican, is keeping a low profile during the GOP’s battle over funding the Affordable Care Act and the shutdown of the U.S. government. He speaks on Bloomberg Television’s “Market Makers.”

Paul ryan staying as far away publicly as he can.

He has thought for months this is a fraudulent idea.

Even if you shut down the government, you do not defund obamacare.

Most of it is mandatory spending.

He knew the political strategy was dumb and would not succeed.

If you look at the paul ryan budget, that depends on the revenue brought in by obamacare.

He is a man of great integrity.

What he is trying to do is broker them, be a middleman.

This is a man whom we believe as presidential ambition.

I am skeptical he wrote run for president.

Whatever the case is, when you think that -- i guess the dilemma is when you think the majority of your caucus is headed off on a, causing mission, you try to stop in august and december.

It makes it difficult to do much publicly.

Why leave it to people like pete king to speak out of guns the tea party faction?

Clearly not doing much to change or shape opinion inside and the gop caucus.

Pitcher has not.

How this plays out is a very open and dangerous question.

At some point paul ryan and a couple of others will have to speak out, try to fashion some kind of an endgame.

I guess the answer would be it is a matter of timing and has not down the timing opportune so far.

Lex will people be angry that he is focused on his own political aspirations and we want congress representing the american people?

He may be between two sides.

One side says you have a responsibility.

The other, the rigid ideologues in the tea party carcass -- caucus that say why are you not with us?

He may be in the middle of the road.

I do not want to be hit by

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