When the NSA Shows Up at Your Internet Company

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Aug. 1 (Bloomberg) -- Xmission CEO Pete Ashdown discusses his experiences law enforcement data requests and U.S. Government surveillance programs with Emily Chang on Bloomberg Television's "Bloomberg West." (Source: Bloomberg)

The least put a spotlight and government requests for data.

What does happen exactly when the government asks tech companies for user date dead?

One company that experienced it first hand is the utah-based x- mission.

Citing the first amendment, it has rejected law-enforcement requests over the years agreeing to just one from the foreign intelligence surveillance group.

I talked to the ceo and asked him why he decided to go public with his story?

We were being asked by our customers what our policy was.

In may, we published a transparency report that detailed the requests we receive not only from the federal government but from local governments.

There was even one request that came to that part of justice from italy.

If we feel like they're out of jurisdiction -- this is on the advice of our attorneys -- or if it is not a proper warrant, we will refuse them.

What do you think about how brutal, facebook, apple and other tech companies have responded?

How do you think they responded to their cooperation with the government and the coverage of that relationship?

The ft edward snowden says is correct, it is disturbing.

If i was to receive a broad request from -- for monitoring all of my customers or a large set of customers, i would refuse it because i don't see how they can support probable cause against all of my customers.

Probable cause is necessary for the creation of a warrant.

I don't believe every single one of my customers is involved in a crime so i would look upon all sell monitoring suspicious late as something that is not being used to solve a particular crime.

If google and facebook and apple and others have done that, i wonder why because they get bigger legal departments than i have and they have more resources than i have.

They should not have an excuse for doing it.

They are just trying to be in the good graces of the government.

Have you heard anything from the federal government since he started speaking out about this?

It has been a deafening silence.

We have usually -- we usually receive a work request quarterly if not more than that.

We about received any requests from law enforcement at all since i published our transparency report.

Would you recommend that users do?

Ask their internet service provider and ask the people that was there even ask the people who boast their web pages with a policy is.

I know there are other independent service providers in california.

Sonic.net one we have communicated with that holds a similar policy.

If there was a poster or e-mail poster does that answer the question in the way they agree with, it is time to switch.

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