What You Need to Know About the Iran Nuclear Deal

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Nov. 25 (Bloomberg) -- Bloomberg chief Washington correspondent Peter Cook explains the details of the nuclear accord reached by world leaders with Iran to limit its nuclear program in exchange for reduced sanctions. He speaks on Bloomberg Television’s “Bloomberg Surveillance.”

Happens to these sanctions from congress?

You had republicans and democrats saying that the steps that need to be taken are more sanctions.

For congress to step forward and put pressure on the iranians to stay at the negotiating table.

It is not clear that they will pass legislation.

It looks like something will come up in december.

Will it be contingent on the six-month.


Despite the criticism obama is getting from israel, and from congress, chuck schumer among those on the list -- give me civics 101. can congress block this deal?


it is very difficult to imagine.

Over the six month time period that congress can do that, the president has a lot of leeway.

The indication we're getting from the top congressional leaders and foreign relations committees, they would like to see tougher sanctions put in place.

They're willing to give the president his negotiating team and then the u.s. allies as well.

The six-month.

To prove that this is the deal and can be verified.

A lot of them are assuming that the iranians can't and will not.

They think more sanctions will come down the road.

The question is, can they be reconstituted?

The easing of the curves that are now being put on the table as a result of this deal -- can they reimpose those quickly if indeed the deal blows up?

That is what a lot of people here are suspecting will happen.

We need the president to have six months time.

What about international critics?

We know that israel is opposed.

Is the onus on the president to talk down israel or will other countries chime in as well?

The challenge was trying to negotiate and bring nine yahoo!

Along -- netanyahu along -- they spoke with the american side on how things work.

That is a huge challenge.

You also have other countries that are not happy as well.

Saudi arabia is another ally.

They have questions about motives going forward.

What does this mean for the entire situation is not part of the world?

How does this change going forward if the pressure on iran is eased up?

Thank you so much.

Our chief washington correspondent.

He has become one of our most popular host.

As international relations takes front and center, joining us is

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