What VC Firms Need to Know About Branding

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July 23 (Bloomberg) -- National Venture Capital Association's Emily Mendell discusses venture capital branding with Deirdre Bolton on Bloomberg Television's "Money Moves. (Source: Bloomberg)

Something that we suspected all along, brand matters, particularly to the ceo's. if you are out of the sea and you are competing for deal flow, you have to think more and more about your brand.

Basically whether a start up wordock ceo wants to work with you as the d.c. firm, they have to be confident in u.s. or brand?

That is right.

It means different things to different people, which is what the survey was all about.

Emily, be want to take a bit of a left turn here, because we are continuing to get this footage from london.

You are a branding expert.

Is it possible -- i do not want to say brand a human, but brand the next few years, marketing wise, for this little guy?

The royal family has a really great brand right now.

Connected to the common man, they have shown more.

William and kate heavily promoted their personal brand.

I am sure that this little guy is going to get nothing but love.

What do you think of the name?

James, henry, george?

Care to place a bet?

I like henry, that he could be hank.

A bit more casual.

I added wrong from the start, thought it would be -- i had it brought from the start, i thought it could be a girl.

The duke and duchess of cambridge, leaving the hospital there.

All right, we will continue to talk of venture-capital lists and and what you found.

There is an interesting mix of how many men and women within the firms, does that change whether or not on job and doors want to work with them?

If you ask venture-capital firms, one out of 10 said yes, the gender mix in a firm matters.

One out of four c l possy said that it matters.

So, you know, it does matter, especially if you are courting female ceo's. we talk about these pockets of money and it is obvious that there is a big pot of money in silicon valley, new york, boston.

Does it matter to these start- ups where the firms are located?

It does.

As much as being in those places matters, so do proximity.

46% said that silicon valley, boston, new york, matter, but also being close to their company matters.

You want your vc firm to be in indianapolis if you are from indianapolis.

The big take away?

These firms are going to have to start thinking more about brand.

This has been happening over the last 10 years.

It is getting more competitive.

A lot of firms hiring marketing partners just to focus on the brands of the firms and help out their portfolio companies.

You should expect to see more.

And raleigh, thank you so much for the time.

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