Do-Nothing Congress Doesn't Make the Grade

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Dec. 16 (Bloomberg) -- Al Hunt grades the performance of congress on Bloomberg Television's "Market Makers." (Source: Bloomberg)


What is your great for congress this year?

If i were to give them a grade, it would surely be at the, maybe an f. at the are heading home, and so much is undone.

At the institution where i teach, your producer was one of my students.

I am an easy greater.

I agree with you.

I would probably give them a d. the only thing they did with the small budget deal -- you are giving them credit on this deal?

What do we get out of this deal that is substantial?

It is better than the status quo and it gives us a little bit of certainty.

I think it is a very small accomplishment.

It's just that or the not doing it.

Beckett them up to -- that gets them up toa d. it's not just that they did not pass anything, but 46 times the house repealed obamacare, and of course it was going nowhere.

You can hate obamacare, but 46 times seems a bit much.

Immigration, just sitting there.

Immigration -- just sitting there in the senate.

The farm bill.

It really has been a dreadful congress.

You speak to political leaders every day.

How self-aware are they?

If you sat down and said to a number of them, republicans and democrats, what would you grade yourselves, what do you think they would they?

I think most democrats and half republicans would agree with what you and i said.

There are a handful of the tea party republicans, and not all, he would say we were sent here to do nothing.

The problem with that is, they were sent here to undo things.

This congress did not even on do things.

Do you think it is fair but the tea party republicans would say they were sent to washington to do nothing?

They would say that they were sent there to do something, which is change the way that washington does business, which i think we would agree is terrible.

That is a good point.

They were sent to change the way that washington does business.

They haven't. they were sent here to take away regulations.

They have not done that.

I would say it has to be a disappointing session for -- i find it awkward to make a case for the tea party, but why not?

What options did they have?

There were only a few dozen of them.

It is not like they can take over the house of representatives.

They have to use the tools at their disposal and the tools at their disposal right now our obstruction.

And it sometimes works.

They are a little bit larger than that.

Your point is well taken.

-- fine, you can vote to repeal it 46 times.

They can offer alternatives.

I do not think anyone thinks the current health care system is great.

We have not really seen alternatives.


What are they doing on that?

Is immigration where we could see a glimmer of hope next year?

When you look at the budget deal, people say both sides of work together somewhat.

Where is the next place for real bipartisanship?

Could it be immigration?

Immigration has the best shot.

Paul ryan he was the architect of this teeny little budget deal would love to do something on immigration.

He is a strong immigration reform advocate.

Again there will be a lot of people in the tea party who will resist it.

It is fine to say no.

At it is fine to resist.

You should come up with alternatives.

That is where they have fallen very short.

Your seasonal greeting reminds me that we're only a couple weeks away from the new year.

Are you optimistic about the are formants of congress in 2014 over what we have seen in 2013? i hate to say this, but if anything it will be worse.

Years that are divisible by two,

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