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July 19 (Bloomberg) -- On today's "Chart Attack," Cantor Fitzgerald Managing Director Brian Edmonds and Bloomberg's Adam Johnson look at U.S. jobs on Bloomberg Television's "Street Smart." (Source: Bloomberg)

Did you know that 69 million people ate at mcdonald's somewhere in the world every single day?

They are not all eating big macs and chicken that nuggets -- chicken mcnuggets.

That shiny icon that promises gastronomic uniformity wherever you are in the world.

Also offering a surprising amount of brady.

This is porridge with chicken in it and features in the malaysian breakfast menu.

And japan's substitution for the big mac.

This is a spicy potato burger.

People still order the french fries.

How about japan's mega potato?

It is the most calorific item, meant for sharing.

Dessert is easy.

Mcbeer, anyone?

It is no surprise international consumers are important to the bottom line.

They get 70% of its sales overseas.

Our panel with the story and the strategy and the trade.

How are they doing internationally?

And this is the number that we will be keying in on four the company and if you look at either europe or asia, the middle east, you're looking at the clients, small declines relatively of less than 1%. this is in line with what we are hearing from a host of different types of companies on the consumer and technology side.

They're seeing slowing growth in those regions.

It is not necessarily that they will be able to look to the u.s. they saw a decline in sales.

Some analysts are looking for a rebound.

The question how big is it going to be?

I would agree with those comments as far as europe is concerned.

Certainly unemployment is high in key countries like spain and southern europe.

That when folks are out of work they have trouble affording any mail outside the home.

Sometimes you see a rebound in stores that do better.

Maybe mcdonald's can benefit from people who would have gone to applebee's now going to mcdonald's. i think so that is true in the u.s. but in europe where you have an implanted rates that high, folks are not eating out.

What do you think as far as trading this one ahead of earnings?

Mcdonald's looks pretty bullish to me.

It sold off so the options market is implying a two dollar move.

I'm looking to put on a trade next week and -- two by the july 26. it sounds like you're buying be july 26 weekly.

And the idea that you will set up a 2-1 reward.

Back to julie.

Is there something we can infer about the overall -- is very much a barometer of the global environment.

There definitely is some of that to be taken away.

The company has been aggressively rocketing its dollar value menu.

That should tell you about what it thinks is the demand from consumers of they want value here but it is offering new products.

There is a twofold approach year.

The dollar menu appealing to value but also these new products are appealing to uniqueness and giving people a reason to come into the mcdonald's. pretty incredible.

They are trying to get a lot of new customers maybe with some of those new products.

We will leave it there.

Thank you.

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