What’s Next for U.S. After Government Shutdown?

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Oct. 16 (Bloomberg) -- In today’s “This Matters Now,” Richard Haas, president at Council on Foreign Relations, talks with Tom Keene about how the United States government can get past the shutdown and debt ceiling debate. He speaks on Bloomberg Television’s “Bloomberg Surveillance.”

From the council on foreign relations, and simply -- he nailed this, the inability of the united states of america to get its house in order at home directly affecting our foreign policy.

Perhaps accurate this wednesday morning to suggest that john boehner is our secretary of state.

You thought this up a few years ago, here we are now.

Your thoughts on how we extricate ourselves on this mess?

Essentially in the long run putting our house in order, restoring economic growth and are standing.

It means getting entitlements, more than anything else, under control.

In the short run, however, we need to deal and we are being modest here, talking about kicking the can down the road.

Let's say that we solve this and they can really it's kicked down the road with adults walking in the room.

What is next for america, besides the chaos that we observe?

What do we need to do for a better foreign policy at home?

We cannot institutionalize this kind of certainty.

We have to get the debt ceiling game over.

It just raises fundamental questions.

We need to put things like immigration reform back on the agenda.

Essentially we have to return to the real challenges of governing . we just spoke to george papandreou, greece, who is looking at a parliamentary system.

We do not have that.

Is that three party system where fractious republicans break off, or a three party system -- can we get a parliamentary advantage to get consensus?

Parliamentary systems, as you know, have their own real risks.

Checks and balances are important, but this is beyond that, this is checks and balances in a different -- dysfunctional way, not what the friend -- not with the framers intended.

We have not had, what, a budget for three or four years?

This is orwellian, what we now have, where the united aids has all these obligations but because of what congress has dealt with they are now saying they will not pay.

You need to do a council on domestic relations.

That is essentially exactly what has happened.

You cannot look at what the united states does in the world without looking at what happens here at home.

We will do that here in a bit.

The railroad from the east, csx,

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