What's Next for SAC's Steve Cohen?

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August 1 (Bloomberg) -- Bloomberg's Greg Farrell discusses the legal case against SAC Capital and Steve Cohen's future with Scarlet Fu on Bloomberg Television's "Money Moves." (Source: Bloomberg)

It is a legal strategy the u.s. attorney is using to try to basically get access to more than just the amount of money of the alleged insider trading.

The total amount of money if the prosecutors are correct, and that is yet to be proven, if they are correct, it adds up to several hundred million dollars.

Out of a $14 billion fund.

The laws in a civil case, if proven, would allow the u.s. attorney in manhattan to go after a larger sum of money.

It is not clear he could have access to all 14 billion.

Most of the experts suggested is going to be a smaller number.

Does he have a number in mind?

He has not shared it with us.

Some of the experts we spoke to in this field point out this could be a negotiation ploy to basically open up the potential amount that could be for favorable in order to facilitate a dialogue.

Not necessarily an intent to get all of it.

The government has not charged him with a crime or pseudonym.

What are his rights versus -- or pseudonym yeah.

What are his rights?

The suit was fired -- filed a week earlier.

If that goes forward, they could basically ban him from managing other people's money.

The criminal case against him would have the same net effect.

Basically putting the fund out of business and leaving co hen to be managing his own money.

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