What's Missing From Iran Nuclear Deal?

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Jan. 13 (Bloomberg) -- Iran agreed to curtail its nuclear activities starting Jan. 20 under a deal with world powers, triggering the easing of some sanctions and the start of a six-to-12 month timetable to reach a permanent accord. Eurasia Group Founder and President Ian Bremmer speaks on Bloomberg Television's "In The Loop." (Source: Bloomberg)

Such a negative nelly.

These are two big issues that have not been addressed.

You're right.

There's the other side, which is that the iranians are not getting much.

They are still well over one million barrels to date.

The economy is getting screwed down.

This was a very big deal compared to nothing.

The very fact that they shook hands -- they had a phone call, that was a big deal.

Having the diplomats meet and having a foreign minister -- the fact that they came to an interim deal and are talking seriously about having a comprehensive deal over the course of 2014 -- if it works, what they agreed to initially, with where we need to get in 2014 with sanctions removed and i ran back into the community is a big left.

Does this prove that sanctions work?


It shows that the united states, if it puts its effort into it, can bring together an international coalition.

Now, it might work.

If it does not, it will be hard to maintain the sanctions over a long time.

Channing imports -- china imports doubled.

Before this import deal went through.

$7 billion they got.


they increased by something like 85,000 barrels for china and taiwan.

They're still under the one million per month -- one million per day on average.

The iranians are not winning.

The economy is getting destroyed.

Their currency is in freefall.

The economy shrunk by six percent last year.

More this year.

Congress will say that, the saudis will say that -- talking about congress, let's get your take on bob gates.

He is the former defense secretary under george w. bush and president obama.

He has an upcoming book.

Here's what he said.

About president obama ordering more troops, he says he was shocked.

He never heard of president frame a decision as a direct order.

It is completely unnecessary.

As secretary of defense, i never issued an order or heard a commander do so.

It demonstrated the unfamiliarity of obama and biden with american military culture.

What do you think?

I think he comes across as more of a republican than he had thought.

He is certainly very frustrated and angry.

He said that this stuff was too important to wait.

He took criticism that he should've waited.

Hard to wait when you know that every dollar you could make is going down.

Your relevance is going down.

People forget about you.

You have to balance that.

He is not getting younger.

I like bill gates.

He is a smart guy and has done great service for the american people.

He is also a military man and a statesman.

He was frustrated by a first-term senator who did not care about foreign policy.

He did not support gates's view on afghanistan.

I understand that.

Why would you?

Given where afghanistan has gone.

82% of americans opposed it last week.

That is higher than ever in history.

I get it, but i do not think gates has done himself a

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