What's Going to Be on Apple TV?

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July 3 (Bloomberg) -- Cory Johnson discusses Apple TV with Erik Schatzker on Bloomberg Television's "Market Makers." (Source: Bloomberg)

We know that apple has been working on some kind of tv-like device great we don't know if it is the square hockey puck they have on the market right now, which is an interest divide -- interested -- which is an interesting device, which is really a software delivery of a different platform for different kinds of content, whether it's different music on the itunes music store or movie s or the nhl channel.

But now we know they are in negotiations with time warner to do a specific content deal, to release content through an apple tv device directly to users.

That is a big deal to these guys because they want to be offering a tv like device to compete with roque do and the xbox.

-- to compete with roku and the xbox.

How big a revolution is this for apple tv when it is really just kind of keeping up?

We don't know what the deal is yet.

The deal is not done.

We don't know what the ultimate shape of this deal is.

The real question is how different could this be?

Could this be over the top, which is delivering content, not through your cable channel, not just to cable subscribers.

The model here for not going over the top is hbo and the hbo go platform, which is available on ios and other platforms, which allows users to look at hbo content, but only if they have the cable subscription first.

We look forward to more reporting.

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