What's Behind Tech's Push to Disclose NSA Requests?

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Sept. 10 (Bloomberg) -- Bloomberg's Megan Hughes examines why technology giants Google, Facebook and others have made public their requests to the NSA to disclose data surveillance. She speaks on Bloomberg Television's "Market Makers."

A megan hughes has the latest of these requests.

Facebook, yahoo.

What are they trying to get out of this.

Economy a skeptic once again.

This is about restoring faith with customers.

They are concerned about their bottom line.

It isn't just facebook and yahoo.

Google made a similar earlier request.

Microsoft asking for permission.

Both of those companies amended their request.

What they are all looking for, they want the foreign intelligence surveillance court to give them permission to release data.

To be clear, companies have started releasing this kind of data.

Yahoo just released its first- ever transparency report last week.

When releasing these reports, it is lumped together with law enforcement requests.

It doesn't give a picture of how involved the companies have been . they want to be able to give their customers that transparency.

These companies couch this under the umbrella of transparency.

It sounds awfully good.

Here is where my skepticism and cynicism comes in.

It seems that this is just pr.

The people who trumpet and praise yahoo for demanding transparency, shouldn't they look at how self-interested these companies are?

The two go hand-in-hand in this instance.

You had those documents released by edward snowden.

That was released in the headlines.

Tech companies want to be out front here.

They want to be able to tell their story.

It was clear in the complaints they filed.

They said these new reports have raised serious reports about -- among people around the world who use facebook and the public at large.

Facebook is looking to expose both of the orders they received, but they're also hoping to separate out the call for content of communication versus those who called for transaction or subscriber information.

That has been a big part of the debate.

How much is being looked at by nsa officials.

For them, it is in their best pr

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