What Is the Message of Obama, Pope Francis Meeting?

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March 27 (Bloomberg) -- In today’s “Global Outlook,” Bloomberg’s Alix Steel and Alessandra Migliaccio discuss the significance of today’s meeting between Pope Francis and President Barack Obama at the Vatican on Bloomberg Television’s “In The Loop.”

Time today for global outlook.

We are looking at the man of power who came to office with a symbol of hope and change.

Today, one is doing much better than the other when it comes to ratings.

President obama met with pope francis in vatican city earlier today as he is trying to recharge his image on issues like how to bridge america's income gap.

What potential lessons can they teach each other?

We have been asking you that question all morning and right now i am joined by rome bureau chief alice onessandro.

Thank you for having me.

We do not know exactly what they talked about because it was indeed a private conversation.

We know that -- we are waiting for the press release.

We know they briefly discussed -- discussed the white house, the president gave the pope a resident of seeds.

The book came with his platform of helping the poor and the disenfranchised and reducing the world's inequality, would do something very different -- dear to obamacare.

The pope gave obama an avon delta exhortation, the joy of the gospel, and obama apparently rest on it he will use it in times of trouble.

That echo some of what our viewers saw that they could really learn from each other, in particular one cannot said it is not what they can teach each other, is what they can teach us , and that is compassion.

Sort of emphasizing how these two leaders meeting delivers a statement to you and me.

I think it is a strong message.

It is what obama wanted.

He said at the beginning, recharging his image in a way.

He came to power with this platform of hope and change.

That is dampened somewhat because of reality.

The man of -- the pope was a man of hope and change in the church.

So together the symbolic image they are giving today is very powerful and it brings us back to older images.

Many years ago when reagan saw john paul ii, that was a huge pr moment.

It was a huge, important image where the two bonded together to fight communism.

Now they are bonding together to fight poverty.

I want to share with you one more tweet we got from peru012 saying they can forboth learn that capitalism is not perfect but the most efficient road to economic prosperity.

Resonant obama is hoping that image can be revitalized here in u.s. -- president obama is hoping that image can be revitalized here in the u.s. exactly.

I think it has been a relatively successful trip.

This is what is coming out of the talks, and yes, they are hoping for change.

I think has been a good trip for obama thus far and it will go on the rest of the day today.

He will be meeting with the prime minister and he will be doing more.

Very exciting time.

Thank you for joining us, bloomberg's rome bureau chief, alessandra migliaccio.

That does it for us.

Tomorrow, defending the purchase of oculus, even though he says facebook did overpay.

We will be interested to see what he has to say about that coming up tomorrow at 8:00 a.m. eastern.

Have a great day, everybody.

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