What Does Marc Jacobs’ Exit Mean for LVMH?

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Oct. 3 (Bloomberg) -- Rahul Sharma, managing director at Neev Capital and Bloomberg News’ Andrew Roberts talk with Francine Lacqua about Marc Jacob’s exit from Louis Vuitton. They speak on Bloomberg Television’s “The Pulse.”

Time to time?

I think so.

They have been designing.

At the same time, there are challenges.

We went through the hyper phase.

Now, we are in a stage where people want to create something more distinctive and it needs more care and attention.

More the half of the profits matter.

You are seeing this.

He is bringing his daughter.

You are seeing them hiring new accessories.

That shows that we have a much broader emphasis in accessories and gains an aspirational products.

There does seem to be a consensus that this is the right time and it is good for both brands.

Can you give us a bit of a breakdown of who we think will replace mark j cups?

-- jacobs?

Nothing has been signed.

Nothing has been signed.

It is interesting, they have not put out a statement regarding jacob's departure.

The new designer, who we assume to be -- what is interesting about him and that he has a good relationship.

She had just moved to the vuitton to help.

Making a better luxury positioning, if you like.

They're hoping that if it is not or it is, part of it is always under the stewardship of michael burke.

Together, they can form in the same way that they associate with the ceo during the time that jacobs was a director of louis vuitton.

This is key, when you look at the growth.

He was more of a numbers man and you have the likes of product and her husband taking the numbers.

Any designer has to make desirable thanks.

At the same time, they have to have -- with the chief executive.

A brand that was struggling to be the most aspirational luxury brand out there.

This is the essential lifeblood of the brand.

They're laying out a division for this brand.

They give a strong sense of how this is crazy -- translated into the world today.

Some of these are important and also, the appointment of a new accessory designer is a lot more about leather and accessories.

In the vuitton, you need to have a lot of focus behind renewing and innovating.

Therefore, i think that they are creating a high-profile hire apart from a regular team is important.

These are big enterprises and you need a person with a strong business head who can translate the creative vision.

How much are you focusing on who will replace him?

This is the job.

In terms of a general image, that is important.

You have a top-notch ceo heading the excess three space and that is the most important and profitable piece.

You're a new person, in terms of the chief executive.

You are already there.

The new designer will be key to the image of the brand.

In terms of executing leather, we are ready.

Thank you so much.

On top of any bloomberg scoop.

Louis vuitton.

Thank you so much.

What you have coming up?

Let me tell you.

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