What Do LeBron James and Pirates Have in Common?

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Jan. 14 (Bloomberg) -- Starz CEO Chris Albrecht discusses the company's original programming on Bloomberg Television's "Bloomberg West." (Source: Bloomberg)

Convince them to work on your channel, and we have been able to do that.

We started off with michael bay's first television series and we shoot in south africa.

It's pirates.

Who doesn't love pirates?

If you go from pirates to curtis jackson, 50 cent, who is executive producing and will appear on a show for starz about a new york club owner living a double life -- tell us about 50 cent and his program.

It was an id he developed with an african woman writer, i believe the first black female writer to create a show for premium television but we were interested in something in a relative it is universal story in a sense that be careful what you wish for.

You get what you think you want and then all of a sudden you realize it is not what you want and you try to re-create yourself of something else and it is not so easy.

The people you think are the right ones for you could be totally the wrong ones for you.

Kind of a starcrossed love story, a lot of action, great suspense, terrific performances good we are shooting it in new york.

It looks great.

We are excited about that.

Curtis is involved all the way through and place one of the recurring roles.

Going further down that road, lebron james getting into comedy.

You guys are working on a show with him.

Can cbs successful in television production -- can cbs successful in television production as on the basketball court?

He has partnered himself with impressive people.

Tom werner, one of the most impressive producers of the most successful comedies in the history of television, he and his partner, lebron and his partner have a comedy with tom.

He said i don't have a big point of view about comedy and then i sat and listened to the idea and said, all right, this one.

It is based on -- it is loosely based on their own expense of coming out of the neighborhood, you know, the projects, and finding success, and at the same time feeling that you want to give back, having a lot of people who are trying to come along and hitched themselves to your wagon and yet realizing that your worst nightmare is to find yourself falling back there and knowing that you have to protect your future.

It is a comedy with a real sort of conflict that you don't often see.

What we know as pilot season, that time of year where you throw a bunch of ideas at the board and see what sticks, is that going away?

It is certainly not the most effective way to spend money.

We had to find a weight to get something we couldn't get someone else.

This direct to series idea was a way we could entice people.

In terms of measuring your success, as all these new originals hit the air, what is the way you measure that?

Is it the number of people subscribing to starz?

The first thing is that we need to look at the show and say , yeah, that is what we are trying to make.

In the premium space, different from the ad-supported based on the left 3 constituencies to appeal to death when is the -- to appeal to -- one is the distributors.

And then this third party opinion makers like bloomberg news and things like that.

Despite the fact that most of these shows will be available to starz subscribers, as part of the marketing effort, you will make an episode available on different platforms.


We let sampling occur and we give it to artistic leaders and we let them put it on their open platforms, one of two episodes, that is a good way to introduce the show to a much broader audience and have them help us market the show because as a premium channel we are in 20-some odd million homes like the other channels are and it is a much smaller universe then the 100 million home universe that a lot of other channels have.

What do you think?

50?, lebron?

I think there is a little bit

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