We're Seeing Insatiable Demand: Tennis Channel CEO

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Aug. 28 (Bloomberg) -- The Tennis Channel CEO Ken Solomon discusses the U.S. Open, the value of sports programming and the ongoing battle between networks and cable providers. He speaks with Carol Massar on Bloomberg Television's "Taking Stock." (Source: Bloomberg)

Great to have you here.

Good to be here.

This is a busy time for us.

It is so exciting.

We are here in new york.

U.s. open is the largest annually attended sporting event in the world.

We have five stages.

We are producing around the clock.

Everybody is talking about it.

All over the world.

We are smack dab in the middle of it.

It is a lot of fun.

What does it do to your ratings?

It is interesting, there is so much content.

Two weeks of hundreds of hours of tournament's. people are able to follow all the matches instead of just one or two a day.

Our ratings have been up every year dramatically.

We were out the first day, 34%. it keeps going up.

People find out, they rediscover the spore.

When the first time they are able to follow virtually every single match that is played to.

You were showing me on your phone, what question mark our authenticated application.

We are streaming tennis channel live.

We have launched that with verizon.

We are going to do that with directv.

We presume -- the spore that is on 24/7 around the world all year long, you can take it with you.

It is the first time you can watch the sport and not be a couch potato.

You worked at disney, fox broadcasting, news corporation.

You know the broadcast system.

A tough and changing business it is at this point.

Ratings -- do think they're going to be a viable competitor question fox is going to create an absolutely viable program service.

They are ready have.

The question is, how big is big?

They know what they are doing.

They have a wealth of relationships and experiences in the sporting world.

They have national treasures.

An incredible team doing it.

Espn is a giant.

They are a good friend and partner of ours.

You have worked at both.

But this has been fun.

I think they're going to be great.

We are seeing an insatiable appetite for the consumer.

When you have something like a sports fox, is it good for the tennis channel?

? they are not really competing with us.

We have no competitor.

We are a kennedy -- we are category onto ourselves.

We have partners in the majors.

You have carved out a spot.

It is a big spot.

We do 5000 hours of coverage annually.

We could double that number as we grow.

We like to say we are the most successful networking online mayor -- not owned by a mayor.

It is just a question of resource allocation.

It is costly doing this stuff pretty you bet.

Every hour we add on is another fan that we had.

We have become the place where fans know where they can go.

When those 10% of the time that we do not have the match, we will tell you where to go.

They will combat when they are done.

It seems kind.

The spore and they on, cbs and time warner, you guys have your own sparring with comcast going on.

Let me ask you about the comcast deal.

We think that ultimately the us -- this is going to work out the right way.

All he wanted a level playing field.

We will get similar treatment they get for the golf channel.

We are limited to charging -- they charge people for-five dollars a month.

The good news is that it is not essential battle for us.

We think that the law is clear.

It takes time to work through.

You guys are no stranger to this.

You want proper channel position.

To feel that the tables are tipping in favor of cable operators?

We always talk about content being king.

Thingy think it goes both ways.

This is the battle of the ticket -- the chicken and the egg.

There are distribution channels coming on.

We have one believes.

If you have one -- and give quality content people want, they will find a way to watch it.

Our investors have been it for a long time.

We are getting there.

One of the issues out there, bundling of cable channels.

John mccain has been out there.

Where are you on the bundling issue?

All card is a wonderful thing in concept.

Give me what i want to pay for.

It is not the way programming has ever worked.

The truth of the matter is, we believe that people should have access to everything.

Then, pay appropriately into more premium content.

That is the all card -- people wind up paying more and pay less.

In this particular case, it doesn't work.

Unbundling would be bad for tennis?

To unbundle and say we were going to be offered just all lockhart would be interesting.

It would be a disaster.

It would be a disaster for the business.

With the playing field, we charge our clients under a quarter per subscriber.

They charge five dollars.

Interesting math.

You have four amazing guys that are battling it out.

More than five.

Andy murray, roger, serena looks fantastic.

Venus is in the action.

We have sloan stevens.

The only american.

We are just hearing for a great tournament.

And no rain.

It is two weeks long.

There's always a way to squeeze it all in.

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