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Feb. 13 (Bloomberg) –- Silicon Valley Leadership Group President & CEO Carl Guardino discusses the income divide in Silicon Valley and what it will take to help solve the issues with Emily Chang on Bloomberg Television’s “Bloomberg West.” (Source: Bloomberg)

Ferry service?

It's great to be back on "bloomberg west." i'm impressed with companies who are trying to not only meet the commute needs of their employees, but the good that can do for all of us in our very congested region.

If you are taking a bus and putting 50 workers on a bus, that is 50 cars not spewing out green house gases and putting brake lights in front of the rest of us on our already busy streets and roads and highway system.

So there are very positive reasons why companies are doing this.

But it's a complex issue.

And one of the issues in our region, especially in san francisco and parts of silicon valley is the incredibly high cost of housing and living that we have to deal with.

If you look at great companies like google and facebook, they have tried to champion housing developments close to their campuses, often losing in their local cities and towns around them because people didn't want more housing, but then how do you have places for your workers and others in our society to live that is closer to their places of employment.

So this is a very complex issue.

It's incredibly complex.

I recently interviewed tom perkins.

He wrote a letter to the wall street journal come comparing it to nazi's and juice.

I feel that as a class i think we are beginning to engage in class warfare.

I think the rich as a class are threatened through higher taxes, higher regulation.

What do you make of mr.

Perkin's comments?

I've never met mr.

Perkins and i would not share his point of view.

The key is that we all live in this region together.

And the leadership groups role has always been define the problem and theb find workable solutions that everybody is all of us.

I'll give you a quick example.

15 years ago we formed our housing action coalition.

Not just employers but the broad base of our community to environmental groups, neighbors, faith community members, our labor partners, trying to advocate for homes that are well built, appropriately located and well tively affordable in such a high cost marketplace.

Most of the homes that we advocate for throughout the region are not even for our own workers.

They are for those who everybody is us in retail.

Those senior citizens and those with kids and others that are just so important for a vibe brant and just society.

That is how we try to build the homes that we all need and we're going to continue to do that.

We form the most innovative housing trust in the united states that helps not only workers looking to buy that first home, but also to build affordable rental homes and homeless shelters, transitional housing and assistance.

Is a facebook ferry putting a band-aid on a larger problem?

It still means sort of parallel transportation systems, twhaun the tech elite can -- one that the tech elite can take and nobody else can take.

The challenge in our region and the nine county bay area as you know is we have incredible traffic congestion, we have homes that very few of us, whether you are in a technology company or not, can afford if you were shopping for your first home, let alone the prices of our rental homes.

And we collectively need to find solutions to those challenges.

We're going to be significant down with mayor -- should tech companies like facebook and google contribute more to public transportation?

Well, they are.

We all are and i'll give you an example.

The silicon leadership group has led every successful transportation sales tax measure . because of business to business sales, companies collectively pay $.50 of every dollar collected.

And when you are competing globally you can't pass those costs off to your consumers.

In our region employers have always been part of the solution not only on traffic congestion, but also on the affordable housing issues we are trying to tackle.

So we work to define the problem and then address the solution with real ways that benefit all of us.

We need to stress, we need a we society in the region, not an us versus them and that's where i wouldn't agree with mr.


We are in this all together and benefit most when we work together.

This debate isn't over and not going away.

President and c.e.o. of the

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