We Build Sports Cars, Not SUVs: McLaren CEO

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March 4 (Bloomberg) -- Mike Flewitt, CEO at Mclaren, discusses the automaker’s use of technology in its newest model and explains why they will never build an SUV from the Geneva Motor Show on Bloomberg Television’s “Bloomberg Surveillance.”

It changes the nature of what you do a little bit.

This is a supercar.

What we do it, it is all about using technology to build the best sports car in the world.

We have been choosy about it, we do generally want to use the market.

We go in as the most technically advanced car.

That is what we set out to do, to use technology.

Does it dilute the brand in any way?

I think that if we stay with the principle, the principle is to make the best cars for drivers.

We use technology to do it.

If we stay with that principle and pick the seconds that where we -- where we can go in, we cannot go right down.

We cannot produce the cheap stuff with this level of technology in them, but i think that we can go to market with, say, two thirds the price of a 600 50 s. i have a question that everyone is talking about here, lamborghini making a decent suv.

Can you see something like that?

I cannot.

It is always dangerous in this light to say something like that, but there is no intention or discussion.

We are all about driving pleasure.

But it is absolutely not what we

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