Did Christmas Somehow Save the Microsoft Surface?

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Jan. 3 (Bloomberg) -- Chitika's Mobile Division General Manager Matt Kojalo discusses the sales of Microsoft's Surface tablet over the holiday shopping season. He speaks on Bloomberg Television's "Bloomberg West." (Source: Bloomberg)

The surface off.

Are you saying it has a chance of it coming a real established player in the tablet market?

According to our stats, we believe so.

With a reduction in price at the major retailers, we saw three percent increase in surface traffic from six percent of the tablet non-ipad traffic.

The price reduction really has allowed the price to gain traction.

One of the things i found shocking about your report is that the traffic spiked more than on the google nexus?

That is correct.

That is one of the findings.

Our report comes from the network of over 300,000 publishers.

This was a report that you are referring to.

It was five days before christmas.

Also, five days post-christmas.

Microsoft still has a long way to go.

What would you say is the long-term prospect compared to google?

We see amazon as a very strong second player.

Microsoft is really pushing their way to be number three or number four.

We really see them as a strong contender.

Also, there might be other players.

Not just ipad centric or google centric.

The ipad still dominates the market.

What trends will we see in 2014? what we see a true competitor to the ipad?

Anything that comes even close?

We will see the ipad is a strong competitor.

Our numbers say that almost 80% of the tablet traffic is ipad.

That is stronger than the sales share.

Again, we look at the actual stats, not sales stats.

We are looking at the kendall.

It really gained traction for its price.

They are selling at a reduced price, cheaper than the cost of making the device.

Microsoft did the same thing.

They reduced the price and they saw a spike.

With other devices coming out, we see it as a strong player in the space.

Another interesting thing is tablets for children.

Dreamworks is coming out with a new tablet for kids.

What can you tell us about it?

We're seeing that now that the tablet traffic is increasing, they will be specialized for children.

There are wearable devices right now.

The tablet that children will have will be the same kind of device.

Kendall as a future for children.

It will be a specialized device for children specifically.

We will see that in the next few years.

Talk to me about the tablet for kids market.

His neck crowded?

There is some competition there.

Or are people using their adult tablets with parental controls?

Anecdotally, i see that friends and family are using their old ipads for their children.

They do not care if they drop them or break them.

A stronger, cheaper device will be what parents will be looking for.


Drop proof.

Also, restricted access to buying and other features.

We will be watching.

Thank you.

General manager of the mobile

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