Value Investing, March Madness Frenzy

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March 20 (Bloomberg) -- On today's “The Agenda,” Tom Keene, Scarlet Fu, and Olivia Sterns look at trending news stories on Bloomberg Television's “Bloomberg Surveillance.” LMM Chairman and CEO Bill Miller speaks. (Source: Bloomberg)

Higher valuation.

Let's get to our agenda.

In your agenda item, you're looking at valuations -- the behavior of america after a number of financial shocks.

Are we still so shellshocked that we can look at value?

Are the scars still there?

Michael goldstein made a comment.

He said that investors are information centric and volatility phobic.

That's bullish for you.

If they are long-term careful investors, yes.

Day 13 of the search for the malaysian airlines jet.

Lanes from australia and the u.s. went to go look for the debris that was spotted in satellite imagery.

They came back without finding anything.

It's in the middle of nowhere.

Roughly the distance between new york and miami.

A nice, tidy area to search.

The faa folks do think it is a good sign.

They have narrowed the search area.

They will continue searching for tomorrow.


Ncaa march madness starts today.

30 million people will have filled out their brackets.

I'm going to fill myine out with bill after the show.

We will submit it to the warren buffett lottery.

30 million people have done so.

We will get $1 million if we win.

What is it, for quadrille intoion to one?

There are smaller prizes to.

, too.

Bill miller, thank you so

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