Epic: On Hold for 12 Hours With United Airlines

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Jan. 6 (Bloomberg) -- Bloomberg News’ Julianna Goldman recounts her 12 hours spent on hold with United Airlines trying to change a flight on Bloomberg Television’s “Market Makers.”

Were not on the slopes, you are not treating hot cocoa.

You were on the phone with united.

There are worse places in the world to be stuck in aspen colorado.

I don't feel so bad for you.

We called united on saturday night.

Because the website wasn't working our flights were canceled.

We actually went to sleep with the music on and woke up at 1:30 in the morning.

We realized we were not getting through on saturday night so we hung up the phone, called when we woke up sunday morning.

We were calling the premier line and we also tried to call the regular line.

You cannot get any hold music there.

Hold on one second.

Just say that again for me because here we are at a time where over the last few months we have spoken to every airline ceo.

They talked about the importance of customer service.

Did you run out of battery?

We had the landline on for 12 hours.

At 10.5 hours we decided to try another phone.

We were on hold so we had the whole music on satellite, listening to it.

Right when the landline hit 12 hours, somebody on the other phone that we have been on the hold with for 90 minutes finally picked up the phone.

What did they say?

They experienced high call volumes.

We were able to get rebooked out of denver.

We will spend the day driving through the mountains.

Were you surprised you got so little response from united?

I'm surprised we did not get much of a response and i am surprised the website was down the whole time.

Just last week i tweeted at united and they responded to me.

They follow you but i guess they don't follow me.

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