Under Armour Signs 10-Year Deal With Notre Dame

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Jan. 31 (Bloomberg) -- Under Armour Chairman and CEO Kevin Plank discusses the company's products on Bloomberg Television's "Market Makers." (Source: Bloomberg)


Normally, i would just take a train here.

This place is hot.

You are the founder of under armour.

This is super bowl weekend.

Isn't this a dream?

I love it.

Being able to come here in new york city to grand central station is one of the biggest days.

We are happy to tell the stories of all good things that are happening in the story of football and around a megaevent like the super bowl.

This undertaking, i love it.

But i don't know if it's going to make me by under armour products.

What you get out of it?

This is a kickoff launch.

We are launching a new performance shoe.

It has been picked up by a rebut a from runner's best debut to other magazines.

It is a big day to pick stuff up . and the product is terrific.

Do you feel like you are becoming real performance where?

Nike likes to pride itself on the fact that they have the best r&d. there nike labs -- they're nike labs are better than anyone.

Are you saying, no, we are performance gear.

This is not about the last 20 to 30 years, but the next 10 to 20 years.

Consumers are saying, i want more, i expect better.

And this is our first product.

We did a short cotton t-shirt and we did better than anyone.

This is the first shoe made in an apparel factory.

We taken the same approach that we have, serving function.

And we think it is the most compelling shoe ever built.

You say apollo.

I say apollo ohno.

And with speedskating in the olympics, i do not think of you.

But you will be front and center.


We have a great partnership with u.s. speedskating.

We partnered with lockheed martin to think the suits.

-- make the suits.

Lockheed martin?

Why speedskating and lockheed.

Thanks we've built this suit at altitudes specifically for sochi.

We are hoping, predicting, and we are hopeful that we will have a lot of gold medals coming from this.

And lockheed with the joint strike force fighter, these guys are the best in the world in understanding speed and sound making athletes better.

If we can apply that, it is the formula across all of our categories.

But from a marketing perspective, i would think skiing is such a bigger sport.

Why wouldn't you want to stick with skiing?

How many speed skaters are out there?

There are not a lot, but the uniform is such an integral part of this.

It is the same kind of approach that you have when you have people on the ice.

They are winning by hundredths of seconds.

The slightest difference is made.

And the way that air flows on fabric, again, i'm cautious of how i make these productions, but i think we have one of the best teams we've ever sent to the topics.

I think the suits will give them an even better edge.

It'll come down to it the athletes, but hopefully we give them a little bit of an edge.

What does it mean that you don't have lindsey vonn in the olympics?

She will be broadcasting on nbc.

But she has almost transmitted to being -- transcended to being bigger than skiing.

She is such an incredible competitor.

This is not somebody who is done.

She's got a long time.

Four more years and she will be back again.

Is telling the story in the olympics in sochi what you need to do to have an international footprint?

When i compare under armour to nike, nike dominates as far as international footprint.

Is that your plan?

When you say, why the olympic, why now?

We have had good relationships in the past, but we are looking for bigger relationships that we could not previously give -- previously afford.

What do you mean you could not afford your relationships?

X we did not have enough money.

Our goal is to be international and we want half-hour revenues outside the country.

Today it is about 10%. we have a tremendous amount of running room.

There is no bigger stage than the olympics.

And we will tell a great story about under armour being the leading innovation in performance brand, period.

Becky wrote a big check to notre dame.

Why did you want to do that?

-- you wrote a big check to notre dame.

Why did you want to do that?

That was so easy to do.

There are the big three -- the new york yankees, the dallas cowboys, notre dame.

Not the washington redskins?

I grew up a redskins fan, so i have a soft spot in my heart.

Lex -- ok, to notre dame.

The director gave us a chance to get in.

This is a story -- you know, 16 years ago in 1996, 1997 in september, georgia tech was our first football team.

They opened up against notre dame in 1997. i get in my ford explorer, me and rudy.

I could not afford a hotel room and is living in the team locker room with the equipment staff.

I'm there 16 years later standing in front of a press conference announcing that we just signed a deal to sign the irish.

It is a true rudy story there.

But how about the athletes?

You are looking at the partnership with notre dame, the kind of money that you are paying, don't you think the athletes should benefit from it?

Not just getting sweet equipment, but getting paid.

I'm not coming down on one side or the other on that topic.

Our job is to make sure the athletes are outfitted with the greatest year in the world and to put them in the position to win championships.

And that is why at first and foremost goes to -- and that is why students first and foremost go to notre dame, to get a world-class education, and also because the championships.

And brazil is the next place you are taking a stronghold.

Why brazil?

But though to any cocktail party and top international.

Five or six years ago it was china, and it still china, but mozilla's next thing that rolls off of someone's tongue.

Is it because of the -- but brazil is the next thing that rolls off of someone's tongue.

Is it because of the world cup?

It is, and the olympics, but because of its explosive market more importantly.

It is a great demographic.

They love sports and they love to being credibly healthy.

We think we can win there.

But distribution is so hard there, unless you are domiciled in that country like nike is.

You have to pay serious terrorist to get in there.

-- you have to pay serious terrorists to get -- tariffs to get in there.

Our goal is to be the best product and return that to the consumer at the most reasonable price.

We are not looking to just present ourselves as peer luxury.

Consumers in the market want the best.

And we can to guarantee on it and that is what makes it a little bit better.

Am i paying 20% more because the company is just charging me more?

And no, because we test the fabric and we assure them of the quality photo is it that attention to detail the explanation for the last successful quarter?

I cannot imagine living my life in a way that i will hold something back.

There is so much runway in front of this company.

There is so much opportunity.

And it is certainly not guaranteed.

It will be on innovation.

It will be on active innovation.

Allowing the consumer to bring us the great ideas, and our quality compels the best story.

I struggle with disruptive innovation.

Everybody likes to say, but i don't buy it.

Do you really by the disruptive in ovation term?

-- disruptive innovation term?

We were in the warehouse today and we had athletes saying this suit make me faster.

You can believe it or not, but with our athletes believing it when they take the ice, we will win, and more importantly, our consumer is going to win.

You have to put a ton of consideration into some expensive properties.

Here we are at the super bowl and your boy tom brady is not playing in the game, but when you go to parties this weekend, people are looking for brady.

Thanks tom leads a great -- tom leads a great stable of athletes we have across the board without question.

He is special.

He is as good a person as he is a football player, and that is saying a lot.

It is great when you can attach yourself to iconic athletes like that.

Long after tom brady has stopped playing football, which if he has his way will be a decade or more from now, the tools for innovation will help him to continue to play late in his career.

There is no stopping, mike that.

How about women's apparel?

-- there is no stopping someone like that.

How about women's apparel?

The good news is our category is not a zero-sum game.

In order for us to win, someone else does not have to lose.

We love that there are other brands out there encouraging people to be athletic.

We love them all.

There was a great statement last time i was on chris's show, lindsay talked about under armour.

It is an athletes brand.

It doesn't have to be any one particular size.

Hopefully, we represent that to consumers.

We will keep expanding the definition.

Who do you want to win this weekend?

The broncos.

We have the broncos winning in under armour out there.

But i have a soft spot for peyton manning.

Kevin, congratulations to you.

I will send it back to you, eric

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