Biden Stresses Trust After Meeting China's Xi

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Dec. 4 (Bloomberg) -- U.S. Vice President Joseph Biden meets with Chinese President Xi Jinping. Phil Mattingly reports on Bloomberg Television's "In The Loop." (Source: Bloomberg)

Watching asia, vice president joe biden and chinese president thing meeting today in beijing.

Tension over china closet decision to enforce a new air defensive zone, continuing to rattle the region.

We take you now to our bloomberg white house correspondent.

We know the two leaders are speaking after a meeting today.

What are you hearing.

How did it go?

Neither leader wanted to directly address the issue on everyone's mind.

Both leaders stressed the importance of their relationship.

Joe biden called it hugely consequential but noted, for the relationship to work, trust is needed.

It is something joe biden hit on after the meeting when he talked about why he was in the region.

Take a listen.

Like all complex relationships mr.

Vice president, it calls for sustained, high-level engagement.

That is why the president of the united states asked me to be here.

High-level engagement with the vice president, their meeting.

Biden's point now has been to establish trust.

Both leaders making clear they feel good about their relationship.

Biden's point was that things get better, the quote the possibilities are endless.

Initially, this trip was all about trade.

Then the agenda change.

That is right.

The air defense zone changed everything.

With the u.s. is doing right now and what joe biden is doing right now is walking a diplomatic tightrope.

Japan is enraged by what china did here.

The u.s. has to keep its -- say they are rebuking china and also make sure in advance of joe biden's visit that they do not put off the senior advisers.

What biden has been doing here while he is in tokyo, they made clear u.s. is opposed to what china did and might have had reaction.

China today said they would open lines of communication with japan and ratchet back tension a little.

No actual solution, but at least some opening and cracks in what has been a tense situation in the last couple of days.

Important takeaways, what should we know?

The important takeaways, the entire point of this trip and the entire point from the obama administration right now is to try to do a pivot to asia and boost the economy and ratchet back china's economic power in the region.

They feel good about where the relationship is this year and there are places to grow.

Growth in the areas for both countries is very important.

Thank you.

Phil mattingly joining us there from d.c.. bloomberg surveillance hopes tom keene is speaking this morning.

He is with me now with his take away.

I imagine you are very conflicted.

Do we talk about china or baseball?

It is economics versus a small.

Two subsets -- subjects near and dear to your heart.


ellsberg going to the yankees.

I am looking for the tracks of your tears.

They are here early in the morning.

She is not gloating much?

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