U.S. Suffers From Skilled Labor Shortage: Joerres

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Jan. 10 (Bloomberg) -- Jeff Joerres, chairman and CEO at Manpowergroup, discusses the state of the U.S. jobs economy on Bloomberg Television’s “Bloomberg Surveillance.”

Labor economy, what are you seeing at manpower, give us the nuance of the better job economy?

There is no doubt that there is building momentum, we have been going through soft patches, up and down.

We are seeing a bit more confidence from our client base, particularly on the manufacturing side.

As well as the service side.

And we look at the labor report coming out, as well as the next two or three, these are some of the most important labor reports that will occur in the last 18 months to two years.

This should show a different slope, that is what we are feeling.

Is there a shortage of skilled workers?

There is, is the conundrum.

You have hot and employment rates, long-term unemployment, graduating university students, is not matching.

It is not a shortage as much as a mismatch.

Geography and skill, that will subside as you get more demand from companies because they will accept it at last.

Now, there is no motivation for a company to accept anything but a perfect hire.

When you say ceos are showing more confidence, give us a relative comparison.

Take us back to 2006 or 2007, the confidence level then versus now?

2006 was a little exuberant, of course.

It is not at that stage at all.

Comparing it to 2010, a little bit felt like things were coming back.

So much caution, so much concerned about adding any kind of cost.

What we are seeing is, there is still a notion of more with less, ceos are saying my demand is building, my backlog is looking better, i have got to start thinking more about my workforce than i did before.

Which was i do not want anymore, i am nervous, it is subsiding.

Still some forces on the horizon.

One of your themes for 2014 is simplification, the new holy grail for companies.

Have we turned the corner from relying on automation to actually hiring?

What is going to happen, when we talk about implication, between regulations, dodd frank,, located businesses, we have created so much process in organizations it has created a malaise of getting things done.

We see simplification reverting back to the individual with more responsibility, that will unleash hiring.

Erik and i will see you in davos.

Do you go to switzerland knowing the american economy is a job creator for the global system?

I am on the panel for unemployment, hopefully i will see you there.

You have got this multiple speed, europe is in trouble, asia is not growing as much.

U.s. is going to start seeing some growth, hopefully that will spur the world.

Jeffrey joerres with manpower, we'd love to have jeffrey joerres on jobs day.

Betty liu with, el-erian, bill gross will join us.

Jeffrey joerres actually creating jobs.

Time for the agenda.

The stories shaping the week.

The idea after the jobs data and moving forward to the weekend.

The number one thing i went to see, what do we just know?

-- what do wages do?

I just want to know are we getting this --

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