U.S. Regulator Seeks $6B From Bank of America

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Oct. 21 (Bloomberg) -- Bloomberg's Erik Schatzker reports on today's top stories in "Top Headlines." He speaks on Bloomberg Television's "Market Makers."

Where the underlying fundamentals are solid.

There's still a lot of fear because the policy our economy is dealing with.

That goes back to the problem's of washington dc.

Clocks thank u so much for joining us.

He is a founding partner at bacon economics.

It's time for the newsfeed, the top business stories from around the world.

Jpmorgan has agreed to pay a record $13 billion for mortgage backed securities sales.

The hfa wants them to pay at least $6 billion.

This is all according to a person familiar with the batter -- with the matter.

At&t has agreed to release or sell wireless towel -- 97 wireless towers for four point $9 billion bid it would allow them to focus on the more profitable parts of its business and give the company some cash while it considers expanding in europe.

He obama administration is rushing administrative problems with house insurance exchanges.

Officials have launched a text search to repair -- to repair glitches.

President obama will talk about the problem zep like online externship it's -- insurance exchanges next hour.

I know you were an insurance

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