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Nov. 20 (Bloomberg) -- Full episode of "Bloomberg West." Guests: President and Founder Joe Green, Charles River Ventures General Partner Bill Tai, Zendesk CEO and Co-Founder Mikkel Svane and Bloomberg Contributing Editor Nicholas Thompson. (Source: Bloomberg)

Live from pier three in san francisco, welcome to the late addition of "bloomberg west." i am cory johnson in for emily chang.

Our focus is on the future of business.

Let's get to the runs down.

Twitter wants to be the second screen of choice for tv viewers and is rolling out a new features to show which shows are trending.

And mark zuckerberg wants to hack his way into immigration reform.

They are hosting a hack us on -- hack-a-thon tonight.

And apple is partnering with a company to put real-time game footage in the hands of players and coaches.

Almost every nba team is putting this technology to use.

First, to the lead, many people think twitter is about things happening on live tv but now twitter is taking another step.

The company overhauled its mobile app for android and ios.

It included some tweaking to the trending section to promote tv shows based on the buzz they are generating on twitter.

This is the latest move to tie itself with television.

It recently partnered for a ratings index and with cbs.

The ceo spot with us on the very day the company -- spoke with us the very day the company went public.

We believe we have a tremendous amount of investment we want to do in service to the kinds of strategies that are working for us.

The twitter and tv work we have been doing, where twitter is the second screen to what people are watching right now, continuing to invest in that.

You can hear the plan.

What could this mean for the business and revenue growth?

We have a special roundtable.

Nicholas thompson is in new york and jon erlichman is in los angeles where he covers all things hollywood and more.

I want to start with you, when we look at this, are the tv networks, do they see twitter as a place to share their advertising?


You sometimes hear people talk about twitter as the new tv guide.

Twitter is trying to go beyond that.

They are interested in being a place for discovery.

Knowing what everybody is talking about.

The shows to be watching.

Whether between "the walking dead" and "the voice." if those ties get even stronger, all of a sudden it opens the door, not just for them to get a little bit of advertising here and there, more brands pushing themselves in twitter, it opens the door for twitter to get its hands on more of that tv content.

They have this amplified program, which is being rolled out in a big way that allows you to see some tv clips.

Usually around three minutes.

What if they start to get longer?

10 minutes of maybe one particular show?

All of a sudden, twitter is getting its hands on big chunks of video you would traditionally watch on television and they have these revenue share agreements with the broadcast networks and that opens up a huge advertising door for them.

Nicholas, let me ask you.

Is it a coincidence the same day they talk about this new program they are also changing their app experience?

I think things are related in now they are a public company and they need to make my money.

They need to deepen engagement.

Ways to get people to spend more time on the service and they need to bring in revenue.

There is a lot of money from advertising.

I also think that into back, the television industry wants to promote chatter on twitter because that is good and it is fun.

And also it its people not to dvr the shows.

Then they also watch the commercial.

It is a double win for television stations to promote this on twitter.

I wonder if with these guys, you know, the smaller the audience for the ads, they might know exactly who is watching the show.

But because the obsidian -- the audience is so small, the value is going to fall and not rise.

If you could understand who the people are and you know everything about them, you can target them and you can sell the specific ads.

Then the cpn's go up here that is the question ads have been dealing with.

With so many options, you would think that would drive down rates but as you get more information, that puts upward pressure on rates.

It is not clear where the market is going to go but it is clear twitter wants more money.

Jon, as a native of canada, let me put this into your turns, budweiser is going to spend one billion dollars on television in advertising.

Do the networks really want anheuser-busch to spend less beer advertising on tv and share that with twitter?

I think right now -- i should have made that something else.

Canadian beer.

I get where you're going.

I think there is a view at the network level that if people are watching on twitter, that is going to open up a new revenue stream.

If they have to share some of that money with twitter, so be it.

You raise a good point.

Maybe it does get to that.

Is the advertiser choosing between one platform in the next gekko you're talking about different experiences.

A lot of times you might be on the couch.

You are engaged watching the program.

If you are on the phone and you discovered something on twitter.

Maybe you are not as engaged.

But if somebody is interacting with that contact, if they are favor taking it, the advertising -- faavoriting it, they advertising starts to rise.

Twitter has this strong relationship in hollywood, new york with the tv networks.

It was a smart thing to do.

And you think about netflix, it said we are going to make your business better.

Twitter has tried to send that message.

Instead of having a fight, they seem to be getting along.

For now.

We shall see.

Nicholas thompson, and our very own jon erlichman.

Thank you.

Here is a question.

Can a room full of hackers help immigration reform?

We're going to ask ark sacrament -- mark zuckerberg's political wing man.

? i am cory johnson.

This is "bloomberg west," streaming at

We are trying to be everywhere.

Mark zuckerberg is holding a hack-a-thon right now in mountain view, california.

He and the dropbox ceo are there.

Reid hoffman.

They are all there to hack along 20 so-called dreamers to promote migration reform.

I spoke to joe green and i started by asking him who is taking part.

It is going to be coders and designers who are going to be building apps and products, which are about telling the story of immigration and doing immigration advocacy.

They are people with first- hand experience.

The participants in the hack- a-thon are dreamers who are kids brought over to this country as children and are undocumented.

They have managed, and against all odds, to learn how to code.

Many of them, their parents have been deported.

They have gone to college and had to drop out because they could not get financial aid.

These kids have managed to actually learn how to code and we want to highlight this is what immigration is about, and it is about this human potential and our laws do not reflect our values.

The people we are talking about are now portrayed as: students, or as -- are not or trade as college students or as hackers, what do you see when these people get together?

We had dinner last night, as all of the dreamers arrived.

None of them knew there were other dreamers.

They were meeting each other -- in reference to the dream act.


The dream act, which has been attempted legislation to allow fax brought over his children to get here.

A lot of them had never met another dreamer who coded.

Did not know they existed.

It was getting a chance to connect and share those experiences.

Do you know what kind of products may come out of the hack-a-thon?

It is not priest prescribed, it just kind of emerges.

They have a -- it is not prescribed, it just kind of emerges.

We are not telling them what to build.

You are going to see interesting ways to tell the story of immigration, communicate with congress.

We're hopeful we will get some cool ideas we can then help these kids to develop to actual fruition and watch.

The event is being held at linkedin in mountain view.

What other companies are involved?

Our organization is supported by individuals but we have reid hoffman, he is hosting us.

Chairman of linkedin.

The founder.

Mark zuckerberg will be there.

College dropout.

Also did other things.

Andrew mason, the founder of groupon.

The founder and ceo of dropbox.

They are going to be there giving feedback.

We have mentors who are top designers who will be there for the two days, helping them out.

Those are from a litany of companies.

Is the publicity about this thing, is that the story, is that an important part of your movement?

We have two goals, one is to shine light on the potential of these kids and how some of them could be the next mark zuckerberg.

But our broken immigration system is getting in their way.

The second is to produce some cool stuff.

Let me talk about legislation.

What is the status of immigration reform?

The nonsense in washington, the shutdown, the sequester, seems to have pushed immigration off the front burner.

One of our goals for the hack-a-thon is to keep immigration and the national conversation.

We have had a lot of interest from the press to cover this.

I think that, anything in washington is hard these days.

We in silicon valley are trying to take on difficult problems.

We do not think of passing immigration reform is easy, but we think it is important.

There are 11 million people in our country living ssx -- second-class citizens.

It is important that we learned them earn their way out of the shadows.

Our heritage of the country, the reason i care about this issue, we are all entrepreneurs.

We think america is the most entrepreneurial nation because we are the nation of people who said i am leaving everything behind because i want better.

We think that is the culture that is amazing.

But our laws do not serve that culture and heritage.

Really interesting.

That was joe green.

Apple is on the ball with a software that puts game footage in the hands of players.

Really cool technology.

Still ahead in our series tech in the game.

Coming up in a little bit on "bloomberg west." ? this is "bloomberg west." i am cory johnson.

Steve jobs's biographer is giving his take on the trends in technology and journalism.

He was in chicago.

He spoke with tom keene about twitter and what he makes of amazon's a send his purchase of the washington post.

-- jeff bezos and his purchase of the washington post.

I think he knows, it you just drive it to customer service and user generated content.

People with grey hairy like you or me look at twitter and go yes, yes.

The fact is i am reading more journalism and literature off of twitter through those links than anywhere else.

Does that disrupt all of the rest of traditional media?

I think it helps.

I think the thing we will want in the future is some good narratives, longer form journalism.

As for apple, he thinks the company needs to come up with a "holy cow" product.

Also today at the 2014 your head, barry diller -- year ah ead, barry diller sat down for a conversation that included issuing service.

He talked about why he thinks disrupting the cable industry, not broadcast.

The truth is, the foundation of broadcasting, broadcasting is get their licenses for free.

They have never paid a nickel for those licenses.

Talk about not paying.

So their quid pro quo is they broadcast in the public interest and convenience.

Part of that is they have to send out a signal.

If you are an american person, and you have a finger in the air, you get -- that is the covenant.

Hang on.

This fight between the networks and broadcasters -- all about retransmission consent.

I do not know you have spoken about this.

It just came in.

I want to quote from the reports send you give me your comment.

The nfl is threatening to pull all of its games offer broadcast tv because of you.

They say they do not pay their people.

Hold on.

You are threatening the financial health of the nfl.

And major league baseball, who are both now suing, suing you.

They are not suing us.

The company?

Tell me, who where they suing?

They are filing a brief in support of somebody else's lawsuit.

At least they could pay for it.

Sounds to me like lawyers are involved.

It sounds like a lawsuit.

To go further, they are going to take you to the supreme court.

If they can.

Of course they can.

It will not stop.

Excuse me.

We have been to court three times so far.

Three times, courts have said that what we do is perfectly legal and within the settled law.

We are three-zero.

The question of whether the supreme court picks up a case is if there is controversy, meaning one court says this and another common than they have to rule.

They may take it.

But i think it is 50-50 tip.

The chances of the nfl going off broadcast television, the super bowl is not going to be on free television.

I want to see that happen.

They are making noise.

They are not taking their programming offer broadcast television.

They make a fortune.

The idea they say it threatens their life, as if that fortune will not continue to be paid, it was paid before there was a first dollar of retransmission consent and it will be paid after consent has its last dollar.

The one thing i'm curious about the nfl, about the broadcast networks is they never say who actually is paying.

It is the consumer that is paying.

They never say, i have not heard one statement of them, in all of this where they say yes, we understand.

We are now a pricey game.


you do not love lawyers.

Why not?

You have a business, effectively, you are building that is going to be the subject of litigation, possibly for years and years.

I have been there.

It is ok.

If you think you are doing something, and i think we are in the side of the angels.

If you think you are doing that, then you go through it.

They do not care about aereo.

They could not care less about us.

What they care about is if we can survive, he then cable is going to run a game and satellite, or it is going to run a game against them for reducing , or not every year increasing retransmission consent payment.

Retransmission consent.

The crowd is going to start going to lunch.

[laughter] it is just a way of getting paid.

As i recall, you created the fox television network.

Those of us at abc and cbs, nbc, it was not a happy day.

We were also sued.

By the walt disney company.

How long did that go for?

Until they realized they were dopes in doing it.

Which was about a year, year and a half.

Something like that.

So you are at fox tom a now let's say, and you are looking at aereo.

What are you thinking?

I would sue them.

[laughter] you know what -- i would sue them and say, i would try to say something about consumers if i did so.

You know what your colleagues would say.

They are saying, barry, you fool.

No friggin way, this is not going to happen.

Did you say you full?

-- fool?

You like that.

I do, actually.

They say i am a fool.

And now what?

You don't think investors might be cynical about this business?

My company?

First of all, we have a lot of capital.

This could not affect us in a way.

It is not money.

By the way, we are putting more money in now, now that we are in this legal contest, to roll this out across the u.s. and consumers will decide whether they think this is a service they want to subscribe to.

The great thing is there are no set top boxes, there is no wires, nothing.

You literally have an internet broadband connection and you get broadcast television, which is your american given right.

That was very diller talking to andy lack.

The potential audience for aereo could be 25% of citizens.

"bloomberg west" will be back to talk apple and nba.

Stay tuned.

? you are watching "bloomberg west," where we focus on the future of business.

I am cory johnson.

Let's get straight to the top headlines.

The sprint ceo says there is little demand among consumers for eco-friendly phones made of recycled materials.

That is what he said at the year ahead 2014 conference.

He wishes consumers were demanding his company to go greener but they are not.

It is promoting the recycling of old devices.

Sharp is considering tying up its photocopier business with hp.

Companies are talking about the terms, according to persons familiar with the situation.

Samsung offered to buy its business but the offer was rejected.

Qualcomm plans to return 75% of its free cash flow to investors.

Paul jacob says the company wants to boost payments and increase share buybacks.

Qualcomm also introduced new chips for mobile gadgets including a new processor that can handle the highest quality video and photos.

Apple is getting into the game with sport software.

It has teamed up with sportstec, leading quick and it's a basketball game footage on ios devices.

Interesting stuff.

It lets coaches and players improve upon the performance analysis with the click of a button.

Jon erlichman takes a look in our series, tech in the game.

It is software's solution for the sports world.

Sportstec works with thousands of organizations around the globe.

Its users are court nader's helping players get better at the click of a button.

You can break down every possession, who shot the ball, what is the result of the play.

The company has an impressive list of clients, working with the miami heat and the louisville cardinals.

Insert apple, the software only works on ios devices.

You are talking about old- school tape.

We have been able to unlock that technology and make it digital and portable.

Players and coaches are outfitted with ipads where footages cut and quickly turned to be showcased during the game.

This is done in real-time.

A coach could come in at halftime and look at some video edits created from the first half and make adjustments.

Sportstec works with 28 teams in the nba.

The only holdouts are the dallas mavericks and the pacers.

And it also works with olympic teams, including men's and women's basketball.

The olympic coach uses the software for preparation and post game analysis, teaching and learning with his players.

The first customer was the coach of the collegiate level.

That was a huge step for sportstec.

Looking back to be the industry leader, it is fascinating.

Jon, this is interesting stuff.

I remember covering baseball games and i would see these guys with chunks of things, they would bring into the locker room so players could study pitches and stuff.

Apple in the locker room, on the court, i thought the deal that apple had was with samsung?

There was, you are right.

There was a big go samsung announced with the nba tied to referees.

I deal with $100 million.

It puts tablets in the hands of those referee so they can review plays courtside.

We are talking about players and coaches.

The miami heat, on the sports tech side, and you have lebron james, and endorser for samsung.

There is an interesting tablet battle taking place in the nba.

Yes, a quick anecdote, pat riley, i remember in the press box, he would have three guys tabulating results.

Catching all kinds of stats.

Certainly a part of nba success as well.

Good stuff.

Thank you very much.

Coming up tomorrow, a player in the golden state warrior says he wants to be a venture capitalist.

How he plans to score off the court and how his boss is helping him.

Catch tech in again tomorrow and all this week at 10 a.m. and 3:00 p.m. pacific.

From apple to twitter, one of the earliest investors was someone who gave $250,000, a one percent stake way back in the day in 2011. the firm got a bitter stake -- got a bigger stake after tweeps date -- tweetdeck was purchased.

Bill, i want to talk about the last time i saw you, the twitter filing.

What is your take on how the ipo has gone?

My partner, i hired him and he led the investment in twitter.

Not me.

I love george.

George has been a wonderful addition.

But the company, twitter has performed really well.

I think they did a great job setting expectations on that placement.

Let's talk about other investments.

What has your imagination lately?

The last couple of years i have been funding the social space.

I was lucky enough to be involved in companies like boxer, which you had on your show recently.

The 13th most downloaded app.

It is nextel on an iphone, so iphones can talk to each other quickly.


Would you like about that deal?

Because there was a proxy you talked about, nextel was a $3 billion company that was obviously working on selling the service and hardware.

The rate at which voxer kickoff was astounding and i could see a day where enterprises would pour to a smartphone and it is happening right now.

I'm companies like tango video, a were the 30th most downloaded app in the iphone store in 2012 and in the last couple of years they have 150 million users.

Lulu, you had alexander on the show a couple of weeks ago.

They crossed 200 profile views.

I love this business.

It was a controversial business we did.

-- segment we did.

200 90 million?

Profile views.

It is girls checking out guys to understand the reputation.

I think it is a business that is scalable.

It obviously is positioned well to get a lot of attention from consumer products marketing people that want to market to women.

It is an interesting app and business because in some ways i see it as a second level of, you have facebook, there will not be a second facebook.

Friend stair is not in the background to take over.

Building companies on top of that seems like an interesting potential.

Interesting and fun.

We are at an age where all of the information on the internet is providing a granular transparency as to who you are.

There are companies that have a personal profile page that links all of your profiles into one place.

You have experience in enterprise companies.

I wonder, they talk about next year as the year of the enterprise.

I keep hearing that.

Where do you see the opportunities?

I wonder if it is actually this year.

There have been a number of ipos that are just amazing performers . recently viva.

What i noticed among the web companies i was working with, all of them, when they started to get cap -- traction, and trouble managing the data generated by their users.

All of them were looking for an easy way to capture, store, and analyze the data to drive growth.

Oracle is very expensive for companies like that.

I think the world has changed.

It is in the process of changing from a singular computing infrastructure running singular software instances, to something much more distributable.

I think everybody keeps hearing the word hadoo.

We have a company in the cloud but a self served by small bites.

It is called treasure data.

How is it dealing?

It is on fire.

It is about two years old.

It took about a year for customers to upload one trillion rows of data.

That is a lot.

It was a lot in the first year of service and now we are adding a tribune every six weeks.

We should hit 3 trillion in january.

What is driving that growth in data?

That is more than i could imagine companies were creating at all?

When we started the company, we thought it was going to approach staff -- start of developers but we have pharmaceutical companies, that are basically uploading data from all kinds of things, it innovative things to applications.

Interesting stuff from bill tai.

Thanks a lot.

We will be right back with "bloomberg west." ? will come back.

Reid hoffman is addressing the hacker conference we talked about.

The undocumented hackers right now.

Reid hoffman is talking to them right now.

Let's listen to what he has to say.

I can think about the business.

This is core to our merrick and identity.

It is the right thing because this is a class of folks -- to our american identity.

It is the right thing because this is a class of folks, they grew up here, it is the right thing to do by them.

And then in terms of economic impact, over 65% of new job creation comes from the creation of new businesses.

Broadly speaking, not just rumors, there is a two times likelihood of being -- businesses started by immigrants as opposed to the rest of the folks, which is critical.

And this is really important when we look to our future.

Part of what we want to do in this event is not just see some awesome tech and some possibilities, which all of us are tech founders.

We are always interested in products and ideas.

But also more broadly what this means for the u.s. and what it means to what we aspire to become.

That is actually one of the reasons why it was easy for me to say being part of the founding team for this, and to help make this happen and provide space and mentor ship, these kinds of things.

With that, i'm going to introduce drew.

Drew is the cofounder of dropbox and one of probably actually, i do not know where the coding between mark and drew, which is better.

They are both better than me.

We will watch this if we get some more information.

Meanwhile, there is another way technology is helping brick-and- mortar retailers.

Virtual covered -- customer service platforms.

Disney, fox, opentable, they are helping respond to customer complaints on social networks, e-mail, whatever.

This company provides service to more than 30,000 customers.

It is backed by goldman sachs.

How will people deal with customer complaints?

The ceo joins us now.

I find your business so interesting because helpdesk problems is when many have tackled for many years.

You seem to be growing at a big scale.

We definitely are.

We came to san francisco watch her years ago to build and grow this company.

-- four years ago to build and grow this company.

I was with tony shay of zap those in las vegas last week.

One of the things he told me is the people in san francisco do not want to do customer service.

He expected they did in las vegas.

You are finding different.

You can find people who want to do customer service everywhere.

I think tony and the guys from amazon are showing examples for the rest of the world and how transformative customer service and providing a great experience can be for a company.

We really try to help other companies learn from that example and we give them the great tools and the great practices to execute on that mission.

Such as a great customer service platform.

It is all about self-service, customer support and engagement.

I see a lot of startups use you.

I was looking at drop cam.

I love that company.

Interesting company.

They have a new product.

I was trying to try the new product and had some issues with my account.

I found myself on zendesk.

I wonder if this is the way a lot of startups, when they turn on the firehose, can deal with these issues?

I think that drop cam is one of these great companies.

They realize they get a big audience and a worldwide audience and they need to, they need to automate and they need to help these customers help themselves.

And turn every interaction into an opportunity to provide a great customer service experience and build a relationship for life.

How many employees do have right now?

500. i wonder as we approach the holidays what sort of things are unique to the customer service challenges around the holidays?

We help our customers get prepared.

We help put relevant information in front of their customers.

We help them staff correctly and set expectations, which is very important when your traffic explodes.

What kind of service to expect.

It is very important to set that level of expectation up front so you do not expect more than the company can deliver.

How do you say that to a customer?

How does a company planned for that?

I want to respond right away but that is not -- of course you have to figure out the best you can do.

And then you have to be up front with your customers and say we can be so and so fast, we can get back to you so and so quickly.

You have to be very honest and direct.

Mikkel svane, thank you very much.

Let's get back to that hack-a- thon going on right now.

Mark zuckerberg started speaking.

One of my stop -- top student said i do not think i will be able to go to college because i'm undocumented.

It blew my mind.

There was no difference between him and any other student.

He was one of the top students and has all of the skills he needed to be an entrepreneur.

So i asked the other students, how many of you were born outside of the country?

A number of them put their hands up.

One of them said i hope somebody does something about this.

I started to talking to people in the tech community.

The great thing is that we all tend to be idealistic.

We are not just in this to build better companies but also to try to do things we think are important in the world.

This is one of the biggest civil rights issues of our time.

It makes me proud of the community i am a part of out here that it was easy to rally a lot of the leaders to come and try to support this effort.

We are at a critical moment in the movement right now.

It is really important to keep pushing ahead.

We have had more progress in almost 30 years trying to pass a bill through the senate on comprehensive reform.

The house wants to do stuff in a different way.

We need to make sure everyone knows this is an important thing and this is something the vast majority of americans want to see happen and it is important not only for families and to do the right thing but also for our economy and growing our country as well.

I am really grateful for all of you guys to come out today to show the potential that we have as a group to grow the economy and to harness some of that potential to move this movement forward.

Hack-a-thons are kind of a history part of what we do in the valley.

The essence of a hack-a-thon is that great ideas can come from anywhere.

It does not have to be someone who is running a company, it does not have to be someone who a citizen of a country.

Great ideas can come from anywhere.

That is the essence of our economy and how we build the country.

It is the mayor can dream.

I think it is fitting we are here today to build some great stuff.

-- it is the american dream.

I think it is fitting we are here today do built some great stuff.

I look forward to seeing what you were gone and at the end of the day, seeing what we can build together.

Thank you.

[applause] i'm going to hand it off to -- mark zuckerberg in his native element, the hack-a-thon.

We will be right back.

? welcome back.

I am cory johnson.

Eric schmidt is talking about government surveillance programs just moments ago.

He believes these programs will forced technology companies to take action on security.

Take a listen.

It is reasonable to expect the industry will now continue to strengthen those systems and that the average citizen, as a result of these policies, will end up with much more secure systems, which will enable them ultimately to have much more secure communication.

He also said the solution to spying is to encrypt everything.

The bwest byte, one number that tells us a lot.

Jon erlichman is in los angeles.

Would you have?

35%. buried your letter estimates 35% of u.s. households may subscribe to -- barry diller's estimates 35% of u.s. households may subscribe to aereo.

That is assuming aereo wins its legal battles.

There are 115 million households in the u.s., 35% is a massive number.

I found that discussion he had really interesting.

I get to listen to andy, he is our boss.

But those guys going head to head was interesting.

And dandy highlighted the fact you do not have the broadcasters, you have nba, major league baseball, but if aereo wins, it throws about the question about the retransmission fees.

A lot to watch for.


Jon erlichman, thank you.

More "bloomberg west" tomorrow.


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