Who Wants to Be a Twitter Billionaire?

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Sept. 25 (Bloomberg) -- Twitter co-founder Evan Williams is the company’s biggest shareholder with about 15 percent, said people familiar with the matter, leaving him in position to become a billionaire after the initial share sale. Doug MacMillan reports on Bloomberg Television's "Bloomberg West." (Source: Bloomberg)

Stake, substantially higher than jack dorsey.

For people who are new to twitter, he has not been in the picture for the past couple of years.

He left as ceo in 2010. he was pushed out, right e yes, he was off building his own company.

In the early days of twitter, when he first cart -- started the company, it was a podcasting service.

That failed, he returned the money for that service to shareholders.

A few of them gave those checks back to evan williams like mike maples, ron conway, they said take the money and put it back into that twitter thing you are building.

That is when they buckled down and created twitter and it grew from there.

He stands to gain the most out of twitter because he was there at the beginning and he actually invested a lot of his own money.

It has been a hot investment over the years.

There is a brief window where evan williams, one of the very people who believed in it, did write his own check.

Given that he was essentially pushed aside and has not been the face of the company for several years, is a remarkable that he maintains such a large stake e he basically has chosen not to sell his shares.

It has been a lot of opportunity for him to sell.

We have gone out and talk to people about, there is an over demand and after supply for twitter shares in the market.

Everybody wants a piece of this company and everybody has been trying to buy it on the secondary market.

He owns one of the biggest stakes in twitter, and he is reluctant to sell.

Jack dorsey, both these guys are probably going to be alien heirs based on the twitter ipo.

We have not figured out their exact stake.

That will probably become public when it is revealed to the public, finally.

Jack dorsey is the other cofounder, and fred wilson is the first institutional money in the company.

He invested when it was worth like $20 million.

We will see how it comes out, but evan williams is going to be the big winner, it looks like.

Evan williams with 15% of

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