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May 14 (Bloomberg) -- Atomico CEO and Founding Partner Niklas Zennstrom discusses technology trends and the company’s investment in growth stage tech companies at the 2014 EMEA Ideas Summit on Bloomberg Television’s “The Pulse.” (Source: Bloomberg)

Stockholm and there was no tech ecosystem.

It is difficult today.

Today, whether it is in london or stockholm, you have a good and emerging ecosystem.

You have a lot of investors and entrepreneurs who have been successful.

You have people who want to join technology companies.

Students think, i want to work for technology companies instead of investment banks.


Is it easier?

If the access to capital easier?

Easier to start a company, that you need less capital.

More technology available and you can use the cloud.

There are more companies being started, so more competition today than before.

The thing that is very difficult is to scale a business.

It is all about management and experience and how you expand it.

You have the experience and the skype experience.

You are the man who got it right in regards to china.

What is it that you do so well when the investment that you make in terms of scalability?

We brought a lot of resources and people who worked with me at skype.

You mentioned china, we have people in china, japan, korea, latin america.

Helping companies to expand and helping them with talent.

That is one of the hardest things to have access to and to understand.

Those are the things we're trying to help.

Goldman sachs asset management ideas summit and i work for bloomberg tv, what are the next big disruptive force for banking?

One of the things interesting is that it has not been disruptions for retail banking.

We are still using the same retail banks.

There has not been that much changes.

You would like to see more transparency and more frictionless transactions.

Payment is part of it and consumer credit.

Payments are something you have already -- you are already exposed to.

We invested in a swedish company that is a very successful payment company.

In scandinavia and in germany, they are very successful.

Is twitter going to help us reinvent television?

Is it my homepage?

Twitter is like e-mail, it is part of the ether, something that is always there.

It is the nerve system of the internet.

It is important -- it is a great way to get news and other -- is twitter one of the big investors?

The scalability of twitter is also an issue.

I think it is fantastic as a service.

It has potential to be there for a very long time.

Will it be the next big, big, big company?

I am not so sure.

It is a challenge for all of these companies which become successful.

You create a large user base.

If you do not try to innovate a business model on top of that, that is a big challenge.

That was the founder and chief executive of a taco and cofounder -- of atomico and cofounder of skype.

Today, mark zuckerberg turned 30. it has been a pretty good day for the tech billionaire.

Has he got a billion for every

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