Twitter CFO Reaches Out to Banks About IPO

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Sept. 3 (Bloomberg) -- Months after becoming Twitter’s finance chief, Mike Gupta is talking to banks about handling the company’s initial public offering, a sign that the most anticipated stock-market debut since Facebook Inc. is getting closer -- and that Gupta will play a key role in it. Douglas MacMillan speaks with Emily Chang on Bloomberg Television's "Bloomberg West." (Source: Bloomberg)

Third quarter financial results before deciding whether to go public this year or next year.

Doug, what's the timeline now as far as you know?

Now that we have some new information and tell us about that.

Lox like they've been making a lot of practice steps towards an i.p.o. right now, they're focused on what are financials look like and what does this curve look like when we begin to sell this thing to potential investors.

There's a lot being made about the mobile piece not being in place in facebook.

Twitter will have a lot of revenue from mobile devices but i think they want to wait and make sure they have the right kind of growth curve in place.

Could it be this year?

So they may file this year.

Unlikely, they're going to hold an i.p.o. this year.

They are waiting their third quarter results before deciding whether to file this year or next.

When you start looking at the calendar, there's not that many good months in the year left to hold an i.p.o. itself.

It would be difficult for them to get through the process, back and forth process with the f.c.c. so quickly, mike, twitter c.f.o., tell me about his experience.


We spent a lot of time talking about him.

He manages to keep a low profile while negotiating some of the biggest deals over the past technology in decades.

He was present when microsoft and steve ballmer tried to take over yahoo!. they rebuffed that deal notoriously.

He was there for zynga's i.p.o. so, some interesting roles he's had, votes kind of unsuccessful deals in the history of technology but i think he's known as a trusted lieutenant.

This is the top kind of names in technology.

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