No 'Elite' Republican 2016 Candidate: Dowd

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Sept. 30 (Bloomberg) -- In today’s “this Matters Now,” Bloomberg political analyst Matthew Dowd talks with Tom Keene about the political divide holding back the United States and looks ahead to the 2016 presidential election. He speaks on Bloomberg Television’s “Bloomberg Surveillance.”

How do we get out of this idiocy?

Tom, i think there is a fundamental problem going on.

If you look at the history of democracies in a world, the only succeed when people feel like makin unified and come together and make decisions -- world war ii is one example.

Even if there is conflict.

Places where democracies have not succeeded in part to the middle east and other places, where you have tribal warfare were people do not come together.

We are now in a situation where we are a tribal country.

People on the left and right to refuse to come together.

That is a huge problem in this trillion dollar economy.

Your 2007 a book "applebee's america" talk about the tribe out there.

Great election, two-term president, how do the democrats set up for 2014? i think democrats are in position to win some seats in the house, retain the senate but lose seats in the senate.

The problem is you have this blue tribe of democrats who are basically much more left of center on social issues and much more left of center on financial issues and then you have the red tribe for small government, for slow taxes and a more conservative on social issues.

The interesting thing is the majority of the country is in the middle but no one represents them anymore.

That is what you have a situation in washington.


weiner with -- mr.

Boehner would like to reach in the middle.

Will the republicans will able to do that?

They have primaries and they are worried about primaries.

What you have to look for is can a republican nominee emerge in 2015 or 2016 that can represent the middle and speak to the middle.

That is the million or billion dollar question.

Secretary clinton on the cover of "new york magazine" this week in new york city.

Who is on the cover of "republican magazine"? is there a lead candidate?

You have people like ted cruz, rand paul, chris christie, other governing like scott walker, the government -- and the governor of ohio.

There is no lead candidate.

Not necessarily a bad thing because they can emerge strong.

But it is a problem for republicans.

Matt dowd with his

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