Action Movies, Top Tech: Tumblr's Year in Review

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Dec. 30 (Bloomberg) -- David Hayes, creative strategy director at Tumblr, discusses how companies are using Tumblr to boost sales. He speaks with Julie Hyman and Matt Miller on Bloomberg Television's "Street Smart." (Source: Bloomberg)

On facebook or three on twitter.

The director of creative strategy joins us for the year in review.

Thank you for joining us.

Quickly, before we get to the year in review, i want to talk to you about corporate engagement with tumblr.

It is not just people posting cat pictures.

We were asking you what years they were -- what some of your favorite tumblrs are, and you mentioned yours.

How are companies using tumblr for branding?

Fax we have had many brands come on in the past five years.

In the last year, they have really come in in a huge way.

We respect the content they are putting out and try to make content that will appeal to them.

Dior is a good example of a fashion brand embracing this youth movement with content marketing, putting out some beautiful pieces of art that happen to be advertising at the same time.

Speaking of which, we are showing, i believe, some of the top gif's of the year.

Some are sponsored by various companies.

We are looking at aston krisher as steve jobs.

We are looking at someone being pulled up into the sky by balloons.

What are some of the top sponsored posts?

It looks like almost all of them have been gifs this year.

Gifs are bit.

-- big.

There is a big debate about the pronunciation, but we will have that another time.


Congressman a beautiful piece of art that shows their iconic shoe dancing across the screen.

We had a lot of entertainment properties show up.

Her bubbly what will surprise most people is, when you look at the list of sponsored brand content, you think, this is advertising now?

That is probably the most refreshing thing to see.

What separates tumblr from vine or instagram or twitter?

What is the value proposition of tumblr?

We think of ourselves as a network that plays nice with all the other social networks or media networks.

Sites like vine or instagram are tools to help you become more creative in those artistic categories, you can post any content from any network on tumblr.

What is great about tumblr is the fact that we play nice with instagram, vine, youtube, and so on.

That is probably why we are number one for time spent online at this point.

I found interesting in the year in review stuff you sent over -- a lot of stuff like the most read blog movies -- reblogged movies, those are mass-market things everybody talked about.

Your top tech posts are a little more esoteric, the first being aaron swartz -- schwartz's suicide, which did get coverage.

Something called the bionicop ter.

What do these things say about your audience?

You have an audience that spends a lot of time online, looking for these more unusual technology stories?

Ask most people think of us as being the place for millennial's. we are number one there.

We have a huge crowd of technophiles and users interested in innovation.

I think the aaron sports content -- the aaron schwartz content, his passing resonated on tumbler -- tumblr.

He was a pioneer of open access.

That shook tumblr in a different way.

We see the interactive holographic system and seeking out over the potential for that.

It shows the other side to tumblr, a place where people come to create innovative content and talk about innovative tech.

What do you think they can offer next?

You mentioned holograms.

What comes after pictures, text, or gifs?

What is the next thing?

I do not think it will be holograms just yet, but i think next year on tumblr, people are going to be surprised and amazed at some of the brand work.

We have huge events like the olympics and the world cup.

The experience is going to be dramatically different.

As far as the next big media format, i personally think it is a further evolution of things like the gif, which are just pictures that move.

I also like tools like vine that help people be more creative.

So we can geek out, which is

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