RFK Jr. Takes on Water Contamination

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March 19 (Bloomberg) -- Glenn Rink, founder and CEO of AbTech Industries, and Robert Kennedy Jr., founder of the Waterkeeper Alliance, explain how AbTech's "Smart Sponge Plus" separates oil from water with Pimm Fox on Bloomberg Television's "Taking Stock." (Source: Bloomberg)

Both for being here.

Tell me what is ad tech?

It is an environmental technology company.

We have the ability with our technology which is called smart bunch, and it looks at any much -- pretty much any kind of water can, nation.

It can be used to take away one bacteria or another and more recently heavy metals.

It is a really innovative way to go after water contamination.

A high-tech sponge.

Bobby kennedy, when did you come into this kind of technology?

We found this in the state of california about nine years ago and we got a billion dollar judgment against the state that requires the state to remove pollutants from the pacific coast highway's in northern california into the southern end of california, which was making people sick.

Last year, 4 million people in california, swimmers, were sickened from gastrointestinal infections.

What was in the water to make that happen?

Viruses, back., oil -- viruses, bacteria, oil, and greece.

Storm water is the last frontier of the clean water act.

The clean water act said you have to eliminate all pollutants, but the epa originally targeted industry and they targeted sewer treatment plants.

Storm water is illegal.

You can't do it.

People do it anyway because there is no enforcement.

Now the epa is turning its attention to it.

It is the biggest polluter in coastal waterways.

Twain percent of the freshwater pollution in this country and the only water pollution that is continuing to grow.

There are 20 thousand beach closures every year in the united states.

We always hear about those -- 80% of those are from storm water.

In the state of california, d.o.t., caltrans -- we won that lawsuit.

They won that lawsuit.

We forced california to clean up their coastal waterways.

When you're looking for how do you do this, we found glenn's technology.

It is a technology you can literally dropped into the storm drain.

It flows toward the coast.

It picks up all of the pollutants and take them out.

I'm going to make you do a little physical demonstration if you can.

Show us how does the sponge actually work.

If you can do that -- and what i would like to know, bobby kennedy, while he is doing this, are these expensive?

Are these covered by the payout from the state of california?

What is the cost involved?

It is the low-cost choice.

You should talk to glenn about choices.

He makes the money.

This is the kind of technology -- this sponge technology -- is this something that in your experience should just be mandated, or is this something that -- they should not choose, the epa and the states regulating this, should not choose the technology, but they should choose the pollution level.

They should say, here is what you have to achieve.

Whatever the best available technology is.

The markets can decide that.

Let's see what glenn is doing.

What do you have in that apparatus?

I took fresh new york city water and contaminated it with oil and diesel fuel.

This is the same type of water you will find in a steel mill refinery.

The objective here is to clean the water well enough so you can reuse it again, and if it is going into a storm water application, so it is fishable and flammable -- swimmable.

This is just a tabletop demonstration.

This is not intended to show you what happens in the field.

And much smaller, too, the scale is much smaller.

This is a fitted size.

As a result this is something that can be used in a variety of locations.

Yes, you can use it in basins.

We just got a $12 million roger, contract in nassau county to deal with catch basins.

It would be used to go at the end of the pipe, so you would have more concentrated -- i have got to say, there is the clean water act and the oil is being trapped in the sponge.

I want to thank you very much.

I will drink that water

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