The Top Ten Stocks for Wednesday, July 10

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July 10 (Bloomberg) -- Bloomberg's Betty Liu, Dominic Chu and Julie Hyman report on today's ten most important stocks including Tribune Company, Family Dollar Stores and FedEx. They speak on Bloomberg Television's "In The Loop." (Source: Bloomberg)

Welcome back.

Our market team is ready to take up through the bell.

Dominic chu and julie hyman are here.

It is time for the top 10, the only traits you need to know about today.

Number 10, citigroup.

Loberg has learned hard it may be due to the plan to cut -- bluebird has learned it be due to the plan to cut costs.

From banking to the number nine spot, t-mobile usa.

It added customers for the first time in three years, a key milestone in its turnaround plan.

Be sure to catch the ceo on bloomberg west tonight, 6:00 p.m. eastern.

Number eight, hewlett- packard.

Cindy says -- number seven is walter energy.

The company's strengthening position.

Number six is nu skin, earnings coming in at one dollar $.20, well above analyst estimates of $.96 per share.

The final numbers will be announced on the first of next month.

Number five, family dollar.

Trading lower in the premarket after reported third-quarter earnings that beat estimates.

Family dollar cut its forecast for the fourth quarter.

Consumer sentiment climbs to a five-year high.

Number four, tribune, the media company, try to spin off its media publishing business . allowing to focus on its more profitable local television business.

Number three is zynga, the online game maker gambling on a new strategy, creating real money betting applications for facebook.

This announcement comes two days after a shakeup.

Number two, cliff natural resources, saying goodbye to joseph corroborate he's retiring by the end of the year.

-- joseph carrabba.

He's retiring by the end of the year.

Number one is fedex.

All the speculation that it may be the next target for activist investor bill ackman.

There is no confirmation that the $1 billion ackman set aside is actually for fedex.

Joining us from chicago . we'll will start with you, glenn.

We been talking about the fed and minutes coming out at 2:00 p.m. will that be important for the market?

I think it will be important for the market.

We have seen stronger earnings and employment rate we have moved temporary to -- tapering to september 13. would you agree?

I agree 100%. the last fed meeting occurred, what the fed told us is when we see better economic moves we will stop dropping of the market.

-- propping up the market.

The market dropped drastically and has risen drastically.

The market looking for answers.

When you look at the fed minutes, and any commentary coming from ben bernanke, there was such high hopes last time that we would get clarity.

Even though bernanke said a lot and the markets seemed to draw conclusions, it got murkier as time went on.

How much are we really going to learn today about what the feds going to do next?

I don't think were going to learn much in terms of absolute numbers great we will learn something in terms of what the fed is thinking -- numbers.

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