The Top Ten Stocks for Sept. 18

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Sept. 18 (Bloomberg) -- Bloomberg’s Trish Regan, Adam Johnson and Matt Miller report on today’s ten most important stocks including Dollar Tree, Cracker Barrel and Adobe. (Source: Bloomberg)

Yes what?

The fed did not taper, and the market loved it.

We are getting caught up on the only stocks you need to know about.

Time for your top 10. walgreen is up more than 1%. they plan to put workers into a private health insurance exchange to buy private, company-subsidized health insurance.

If the latest indicator that they are -- it is the latest indicator that they are -- shareholders so -- 100,000 shares by five below's executive chairman.

Number eight is fedex, up 5%. there was an increase in demand for ground shipping and lower maintenance expenses for planes.

The company has the world's largest air cargo fleet.

Number seven, the company was downgraded to neutral from buy at goldman sachs, citing the risks.

The new price target is $29. $1.03 -- dollar tree is announcing a common share buyback program of up to $3 billion.

Number five, the u.s. dollar, not a stock, seeing a mid-day dive am acclimated to a three- month low as the federal reserve unexpectedly -- not a stock, seeing a five-day -- a mid-day dive.

We ran into congressman ron paul and had an interesting conversation with him.

I would imagine you did.

You know his concern.

That the dollar is going to continue to sink.

If anything else, ron paul is consistent.

He is consistent.

So, too, is the fed, which is why the dollar is down, bond yields are down, markets are up.

Democrat a barrel, number four.

Have you ever been?

-- cracker barrel, number four.

Have you ever been?

Down more than 3%. the company is placed to add stores.

Sales forecast was $2.7 billion to $2.75 billion.

United health and wellpoint are down, pacing declines among the health-care stocks.

Jpmorgan saying companies have the most significant risk if open enrollment in the affordable care act is delayed.

Recent announcement by the president suggest that could be the case.

October 1 is the deadline to have all these changes in place.

We could be delayed on health care.

Number two, adobe systems, the largest maker of graphic design tools said more than one million customers for its online services -- it is shifting away from software installed on pcs to cloud-based programs.

It's all about the cloud.

The way of the future.

Coming up on our number one, talking about the 10-year.

The treasury yield is down 14 basis points.

"bell ringing -- [bell ringing] bernanke surprising everyone when he announced that the fed will continue its tapering program.

The first tapering steps could possibly go into effect later this year.

The market is really loving this news.

Keep it coming.

Triple digit gains on the dow jones industrial average, double-digit gains of 20 points on the s&p, a gain of almost 1% for the dow.

We want to get some additional market context.

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