The Top Ten Stocks for Oct. 4

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Oct. 4 (Bloomberg) -- Bloomberg’s Trish Regan, Adam Johnson and Matt Miller report on today’s ten most important stocks including Union Pacific, Boeing and Delta. (Source: Bloomberg)

It is time for your top 10. adobe up 1%, despite a cyber attack.

Hackers broke into its networks and stole personal data on nearly 3 million customers.

Adobe is notifying victims and resetting the passwords for affected accounts on its website.

Click citigroup is cutting its rating for the railroad company to neutral from buy.

Uncertainty surrounding global coal demand sited for the downgrade.

They are keeping a $27 price tag for csx.

Trains can move a ton of freight 132 miles on one gallon of diesel.

Discovery labs jumping 37% after regulators agreed to update product specifications for its respiratory drug.

Discovery says it started making the drug for plan commercial introduction this quarter.

Tesla is up four percent after a rough week.

There was news of a fire in one of its cars.

That began in a model s lithium battery pack near seattle.

And elon musk just wrote a blog post 10 minutes ago saying, no big deal.

I imagine he would.

It was a big deal to the owner.

Opentable gaining, piper jaffray upping its price target to $80. they cite new initiatives trying to focus on consumer marketing and mobile growth.

So the bees, down a fresh -- so the reuse -- sothebeys called on the ceo to resign.

It is funny when we use something to explain a jargon term that everybody already understands.

Everyone knows what a voice until it is.

A shareholder rights plan?

What is that?

It is a poison pill.

Is that your soapbox?

There are others like that.

Everyone knows what a green shoe option is, but we always say overallotment allocation.

Speak in plain english, is what you are telling me.

The guy is a car czar, ok?

Do not tell me his official title.

I like it.

Microsoft is up slightly as the company tries to gain down -- gain ground in the emerging market.

There are people with knowledge of the matter.

Are you comfortable with that?

It is fairly meaningless.

Presumably, any time there is news, there are people with knowledge of the matter.

Union pacific down nearly one percent according to people with knowledge of the matter, like us.

We are looking at it.

Operating revenue is going to be lower, four percent or 5%, instead of 7%. two is boeing.

They rose in the third quarter helped by increased out root of the 787 dreamliner and also the lithium-ion -- due to the 787's. number one stock of the day a adult up 2% due to comments anderson made.

They say d is not seeing a decline in travel from the government shutdown -- they say delta is not seeing a decline.

That's helping the stock out a little bit.

The fourth day of the shutdown, op them is in that it may come

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