The Top Ten Stocks for Nov. 4

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Nov. 4 (Bloomberg) -- Bloomberg’s Trish Regan, Adam Johnson and Matt Miller report on today’s ten most important stocks including AK Steel, HSBC and BlackBerry. (Source: Bloomberg)

10. number 10, gaining 10%, goldman sachs, a positive note about the company.

Goldman says that their groupon traffic on mobile devices brought stocks up in the quarter.

Structural energy, even as the pipeline company reported a 47% jump in third-quarter profits, coming in well above estimates.

They are benefiting from stronger revenue.

Number eight is out to tell, the equipment maker lands to raise 2.7 billion dollars to a combination of new shares and bonds, they will use fresh capital to cut their debt and finance the turnaround.

Ryanair, number seven, lowering net profits for the second time in two months.

They say the competition is hurting the pricing power in the company says they have slashed prices and will ground as many as 70 aircraft going forward.

Cisco, the other cisco, talking about the food service company, closing first-quarter earnings above analyst estimates.

They said sales were up six percent in the quarter despite the market environment that remains very challenging to their customers.

Number five, men's wearhouse, down more than two percent as they reject the arrival again.

The retailer says that the joseph a bank retailer bid undervalued the company and was not in the best interest of shareholders last week.

Joseph a bank said that they would consider raising their bid if they were given access to nonpublic information.

Men's wearhouse is denying this request, but ever since they dropped the really cool -- right, with the gravelly voice.

You will love the way that you look, i guarantee it.

I never want to go there again.

It is like what is the point now?

I will go to joyce if a bank and get the six sues for one.

That is the lip side, by one and get six free.

That is the hook from joseph a bank.

It is called a six'fer.

[laughter] tell logs, planning to cut jobs as they struggled to get americans to eat more serial, saying they will cut their report as part of a four-year plan.

A case to, shares are up nine percent today, getting a boost thanks to goldman sachs.

The steelmaker has been risen to buy from cell.

The demand for steel is quote -- "heading two sustainable here go right from cell to buy.

Those guys a goldman are steady.

I thought they were conservative.

Hsbc, the lender cut costs and focus mostly on the markets.

They also said they are being investigated by regulators with regard to trading in the foreign exchange markets.

Our number one stock of the day?

Black area.

Blackberry taking it on the chin , more than 16% of the struggling smartphone maker has been abandoned.

[closing bell] iphones that run the google or android software.

All right, we're looking at a market share closing yet again

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