The Top Ten Stocks for Nov. 12

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Nov. 12 (Bloomberg) -- Bloomberg’s Trish Regan, Matt Miller and Julie Hyman report on today’s ten most important stocks including D.R. Horton, AMR and US Airways. (Source: Bloomberg)


Only sake you need to know about.

Number 10, t-mobile.

They plan to sell 66 point 2 million shares.

A stock offering that could help it i airwaves.

Becoming increasingly valuable to the heavy internet traffic.


All of those smartphones.

Number nine, whole logic lunging 12% after the developer of diagnostic tests for women fall short of analyst estimates.

Number eight is dean foods.

Following nearly eight percent after they cut the full year for -- full-year forecast.

Commodity prices remain high.

Creating a more challenging environment than previously thought.

They will start paying a dividend in the first quarter.

Number seven, leapfrog enterprises as -- after they revealed the must have toys of the year.

Lead frog shares jumping after they were upgraded from market perform to outperform.

Number sixes apple of a fraction.

The latest version of typepad many is now available for shipping.

Just in time for the holiday shopping time.

Number five is dish, climbing nearly six percent after the satellite-tv provider reported third-quarter estimates that topped estimates.

It lowered more and more customers away.

They added 30 5000 pay-tv customers in the quarter.

A loss of about 19,000 last year.

More people switching over to dish.

Not getting apple tv, not using some of the other methods.

Boeing satellite.

Lex feels old-fashioned.

-- getting satellite.

Maybe they are making a push to middle america.

That is where i learned to watch satellite television, the rural areas of ohio.

Does not seem to be a very urban thing.

Moving onto number four.

Reporting a 2.8% drop in the first order revenue.

News workshop that saw shrinking demand.

-- news corp.

Saw a shrinking demand.

Number three, joseph a bank of three percent.

M&a capital expects the board of men's wearhouse to engage with joseph a bank before thursday.

The single largest shareholder of men's wearhouse and encouraging the retailer to in -- to consider a merger.

That is after the deadline for the bid was thursday.

A long saga of the companies that dress wall street.

Number two, d.r. horton.

They say the net income rose 39% during the fourth quarter amid a nationwide housing recovery.

We are going to our number one stock of the day, which happens to be too stocks.

Amr and u.s. airlines.

Rising after the justice department clears the way for american airlines to merge, creating the world's biggest airline.

Here we are at the close of trading.

The dow closing down 30 points,

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