The Top Ten Stocks for March 5

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March 5 (Bloomberg) –- Bloomberg’s Matt Miller, Julie Hyman and Alix Steel report on today’s ten most important stocks including Bob Evans, Brown-Forman and Exxon Mobil. (Source: Bloomberg)

10. shares are plummeting after the drugmaker said it will halt testing its new arthritis drug after two studies showed it was not effective enough.

Credit suisse to downgrade stocks.

Class number nine is ups.

Just up slightly after it announced it will spend $70 million to buy 1000 delivery trucks.

The company will build 50 fueling stations expanding the largest private alternatives energy in the u.s.. class number eight is petsmart.

Shares are falling after the pet supplies retailing reported first-quarter earnings that topped estimates.

Revenue did miss estimates.

The company is also met -- issuing a prominent -- promising forecasts.

I shop there all the time.


Three cap.

The whole thing.

Class number seven, delta airline.

Shares are trading up slightly on the new spring airline travel rose the highest in six years according to airlines for america.



[laughter] class i do not know what to say about that.

Shares are up four percent.

The social network is cracking down on illegal gun sales.

Facebook sent a blog post today where users declare a willingness to break the law like selling a gun without a background check or transparent again -- transporting it across state lines.

An upgrade came in today and said it would grab more share of marketing dollars.

Class number five, target.

Either 1 -- shares are down one percent.

The company announced it will seek a new top technology executive pay ritchie resigned today after holding a cio position two 2008. this comes after a security breach.

Some analysts are saying there really needs to be a technology expert in the role, something she does not have, and that is why the transition was there.

Class they need to do and they needed to do something, right?

Especially because people were staying away from target.

And it has affected their bottom line.

And many are wondering about the state of the u.s. dollar now.

Number four is smith and wesson.

Third-quarter profits above estimates.

And a great day for the company because people love handguns in this country.

And smith & wesson guns in particular.

Apparently, their guns are particularly appealing.

They have high-end and they appeal to when and.

I have a whole arsenal at home.

Lex i'm a really good shot -- i'm a really good shot.

With the latest companies saying guess what, severe weather had an effect on sales.

[closing bell] and there is the closing bell in the background.

Number one, exxon mobil is down on concerns that international exploration opportunities will be halted due to conflict with russia and ukraine.

The company is to begin drilling in the arctic later this year.

Companies could face restrictions on doing business with russia if john kerry's threats prove valid.

You heard the closing bell.

Let's take a look at where markets finished the day.

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