The Top Ten Stocks for Friday, August 30

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Aug. 30 (Bloomberg) -- Bloomberg's Betty Liu, Alix Steel and Julie Hyman report on today's ten most important stocks including, Krispy Kreme and Microsoft/American Express. They speak on Bloomberg Television's "In The Loop."

Welcome back.

It is 26 minutes after the hour, which means bloomberg television is on the markets.

We're looking toward a higher open this morning.

Stocks are definitely rallying, despite weaker spending data.

The s&p fell of about 3% in august.

A lot of uncertainty around there.

Hard to see if a pullback is complete.

You can expect trading will be light.

It is friday.

Will be back on the markets in 30 minutes.

But first, let's can now into the open with the top 10. these are the only trade you need to know about today.

Alix steel stays with that and julie hyman joined in.

Let's start off with number 10. sales force issued its third quarter's sales and earnings forecasts that topped wall street guidance and raised guidance for the year.

#9, apache corp.

Agreed to sell one-third of its business to egypt for about $1.1 billion.

It is an effort to rebalance its portfolio.

Bank of america continues to lay off employees with 1200 folks let go in ohio.

It is the latest to cut jobs in its mortgage division, joining rivals like jpmorgan and wells fargo.

And general motors plans to introduce a self driving a car by the end of the decade.

It said it is designed to ease the drivers work load on freeways only in bumper-to- bumper traffic and on road trips.

Driver attention is still required.

Shares of front-line led by the billionaire john gunderson plummeting this week.

The company said the tanker market is massively oversupplied and is urging shipowner to scrap carriers that are more than 15 years old.

#5, a hertz rental car company said it plans to open new sites by the end of the year.

That will allow it into the leisure car market, which exited.

We have been talking about vodaphone and verizon communications.

Vodaphone is in talks to sell its stake to verizon.

It could be worth about $130 billion.

A sale to verizon would be the biggest transaction in decades.

Coming in at no.

3, an explosion on a drilling rig has been contained, according to the the the but a company statement at eog.

Crispy cream is in a whole, so to speak.

They have been trying to lure customers from starbucks by offering drinks.

Last quarter, they did not quite succeed.

In the meantime, never one to microsoft and american express both in the red.

The two companies are duking it out for a stake in foursquare.

[opening bell] the app lets you check in at a store.

It could launch a bidding war between microsoft and american express.

Joining has now from chicago is alan knuckman.

We are headed into a three day weekend.

[opening bell] how will we set ourselves up at of the closed?

I'm feeling a little bit encouraged, as usual here, because we had what we would call some bullish diversions this week.

We had new lows in the stock market, but the vix did not make new highs.

That is a very positive sign.

I want to keep an eye on it.

We got it on monday at the halfway mark of last week's highs.

It is interesting to see what we can stabilize.

1645 is an interesting ever to keep an eye on in the s&p futures.

Going into this long weekend with syria hang over -- hanging over investors' heads, do you think we would want to get a little short into the weekend?

I don't know.

It is a strange sight because the summer doldrums and a lack of earnings.

I don't know.

I look at it as a risk-reward on every trade.

An investor has a plan to make money.

I would rather be a buyer than a seller down here.

I have always been the focus on the 1625-1630 level on the s&p. i'm still somewhat positive.

There are many stocks to ken langone for support.

If it fails, your risk is not huge.

-- there are many stocks to lean on for support.

If it fails, your risk is not huge.

Have a good holiday weekend.

You, too.

From the trade to the call on the markets, i want to bring in stored fremantle of the chief equity strategist at wells fargo.

His colleagues to bring any pullback in to buy for cyclical shares.

Why is that?

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