The Top Ten Stocks for Dec. 27

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Dec. 27 (Bloomberg) –- Bloomberg’s Trish Regan, Adam Johnson and Matt Miller report on today’s ten most important stocks including Delta, General Motors and The Walt Disney Company. (Source: Bloomberg)

Delta airlines down three percent.

The airline accidentally sold very cheap tickets yesterday because of a computer glitch.

Delta has said it will honor the tickets sold at incorrect prices, including round trip to hawaii for $6.90. i admire that.

That is very noble.

Boeing has made an additional order of four airplanes.

Earlier this month, boeing ordered 21 planes.

The stock is trading down today.

Pharmaceuticals is number eight.

Shares are surging.

They are paying $12.5 million in cash.

Number seven, the utility company has been upgraded to outperform the market.

The firm says a potential bid is integral to positive shares.

Apple renewed a request for a sales ban on older samsung products.

A jury found last year it infringed upon apple's patents.

Number five, herbalife down more than half a percent.

The price target has been raised from $81 to $91. shares of herbalife are up more than 130% this year.

What an incredible gain for a product that -- i don't know one single person that uses the stuff.

But, but, but.

Take that back because -- do you know anyone who uses it?

No, but i saw someone the other day going through security and he had a bag full of it.

Does anyone know someone who uses herbalife?

To be fair, it is bigger on the west coast than the east coast.

None of the five of us -- and we all know a lot of people, but not one person uses herbalife.

Moving on.

The entertainment giant is in talks with the hong kong government to build a new hotel.

Two existing hotels in hong kong disneyland.

Print is up eight percent.

An analyst at wells fargo boost -- sprint is up eight percent.

In analyst at wells fargo boosted her evaluation rate.

Home brothers up nearly one percent.

They have sold 15,000 shares according to regulatory filing.

Shares of a homebuilder are up 13% on the year.

Do you know people that have bought toll brothers?

I do.

But not with herbalife.

I find it amazing that it is up 130% and i've never heard of anybody using it.

Gm motors has fallen one percent.

Its chinese partner has a recall problem, one of the biggest on the market.

Here wethe s&p looks like it is ending

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