The Top Ten Stocks for Aug. 23

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Aug. 23 (Bloomberg) -- Bloomberg’s Adam Johnson, Julie Hyman and Matt Miller report on today’s ten most important stocks including Aeropostale, D.R. Horton and Microsoft. (Source: Bloomberg)

Stocks you need to know about.

Kicking off today with pandora here down nearly 13%. the most in more than two months as it forecast third-quarter profits that will miss estimates.

The ceo said the company is investing in new technologies, products, and scales -- sales staff to drive growth.

That means higher cost.

Nasdaq omx is up about 1%. the stocks or the most in more than four months yesterday following a trading disruption -- the stock soared the most in more than four months yesterday following a trading disruption.

Gr eifeld kept hammering home the defensive driving.

Number eight, halliburton, up more than 1%. they plan to buy back 68 million shares for $48.50 apiece.

Halliburton says it would spend for -- $3.3 billion on buying back stock's. -- stocks.

Expedia is jumping after announcing a partnership with travelocity.

Keep your friends close and your enemies closer.

Expedia supports technology platforms for travelocity's websites in the u.s. and canada and travelocity will get access to expedia's supply and customer service.

Of more than 5% after reporting second-quarter net income bolstered by strong performance from ann taylor and ross stores.

The retailer easily beat estimates, but revenues did follow bit short.


Ann taylor.

Gap raises their outlook.

The higher guidance falls short of wall street estimates.

The new summer lineup helped boost second-quarter -- it's all about the blue.

Eni -- denim.

It also did well with athletics.

It's offering more athletic apparel.

Apparently, that was selling well.

I focus -- forecast if they focus too much on back to blue, they won't do well.

You have to have some choice.

This is not the soviet union.

Skies are blue, but they are not blue anymore.

Get blue, get happy.

It's all about colors here.

I'll explain it to you later.

Foot locker.

This stock is down 3% after reporting second-quarter profit that missed the estimates last month -- missed the estimates.

Last month, they completed a sale of a german asset.

We will see what it does to sales next quarter.

Aeropostale continuing the bad teen we -- trend we have seen in team red sellers -- in teen retailers.

Dismal quarterly results issued -- results.

Issued a pessimistic outlook, also.

Several others have reported slumping sales.

D.r. horton, homebuilder, dow 3% after federal government reported americans cut back shortly -- down 3% after federal government reported americans cut back, the most in more than three years.

There is the closing bell.

You can hear it ringing.

Just 10 seconds left to trade.

Our number one stockour number one stock is microsoft's, up seven point three percent today as ceo steve ballmer says he is leaving and investors are thrilled.

This stock has been sideways for years.

Maybe some new blood comes in, shakes it up, and is able to create some new growth at microsoft.


ballmer, finally leaving microsoft.

Closing not on the highs, but certainly in spite of all the craziness with the nasdaq crash yesterday, it finished up half a percent.

The s&p finished up .4.

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