The Top Market Moves for Aug. 20

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Aug. 20 (Bloomberg) -- On today's "The Roundup," Morgan Stanley's Vincent Reinhart and Bloomberg's Matt Miller, Alix Steel and Adam Johnson wrap up the top market moves on Bloomberg Television's "Street Smart." (Source: Bloomberg)

League traded, how volume has been light.

It is the missile of august.

A lot of people are on vacation, mandatory, in europe.

They take the whole month.

Is it mandatory to work no more than -- what is it?

35 hours.


It must be 35 -- it must be heaven to live there.

The truth is, investors have positioned their portfolios for what to they expect and are done trading for a little while.

You are not going to get anything until tomorrow.

If you don't get a clear picture tomorrow, it'll be interesting to see what direction we go and what pushes us in that direction.

There is some bad news about why we are in the dead zone.

How you interpret the minutes and the data, it all depends on who you think your next step chair is.

There is no obvious way that would get resolved anytime soon.

Who is the next fed chair?

Don't tell us.

You live in a country where people can come up with new concepts for selling sausages.

I will eat them no matter what the context.

You should be happy.

Let's talk about where you will be buying all those new sausages.

Adams stepping up -- amazon stepping up a warehouse spree.

The e-commerce giant has spent $13.9 billion on new facility since 2010 and they have announced five more distribution warehouses that will be built this year.

They are under increasing pressure.

That almost seems totally absurd . which is crazy about amazon is investors seem to forgive the margin compression that we see because of this, but other source, that is all we talk about.

For them is only sales.

0.7%. at the more they sell, it is almost like the less they make.

People buy the stock and it trades at a 250 multiple.


It is ok for amazon.

Especially this warehouse strategy.

Especially if you move closer to cities.

You are to get one-day delivery, you have to pay for that land.

Amazon has a benefit that other retailers don't have.

It has no real competitors, right?

Once you are locked into amazon like with paypal for example, you are not really going to go anywhere else because the customer loyalty there is much higher than is at a store.

After doing so much worse on best buy trying to move those customers.

They have been solely -- slowly doing that.

For best buy, it is about their growth margins.

Just to follow up, the multiple on amazon, 338 times.

I was cheap at 250. that would be a buy.

It is in the bottom three percent.

They spent one decade training investors that low margins is a good thing.

You are buying the promise of growth.

They have believers in certain companies.

I wonder the pe on tesla.

About 50 times.

I'm looking at a big number here.

This will blow you more than the price earnings multiple.

The highway traffic safety administration is giving them more than a five start rating overall in at least every category.

That makes it the safest car that has ever been tested by u.s. regulators.

Even better, elon musk wrote the press release himself.

He has been bragging about how safe this car is.

When they were testing the safety of the roof, they have a machine that pushes down.

The machine broke and the roof remained in place.

Basically what elon musk is saying, is we are going to put four teslas on top of yours and you will be fine.

We even broke the testing equipment.

That is how safe it is.

May be reason to spend $80,000 for the model s. when does tesla change from a car company into a -- a tech company into a car company?

There was a 21,000 cars if they stay on track.

As an investor, you better hope that transition never happens.

Do safety awards matter?

Did they translate into bigger profits?

I would say so.

My parents bought volvo's only based on word-of-mouth that it was the safest car.

Remember all the recalls?

You can still buy the brand because of that.

Remember dudley moore in arthur?

That is a fantastic film.

If i hit a tesla with my tahoe, i would not be worried.

How safe it is be?

If i run into this car with my truck, i am not the one getting hurt.

There enough.

-- fair enough.

They are making plans to build the world tallest office tower.

The chairman of the dubai multi commodities center says the persian gulf business hub can still attract tenants and many are unsuitable for businesses.

The to be over 1700 needs and would take five years to build and cost about $1 billion.

That is one third of the mile into the sky.

I would think twice.

That would be pretty scary.

The question is, how are they going to get funding?

That is up for grabs at this point.

They are thinking advanced sales, loans, and bonds.

They have a high vacancy rate.

That has to be getting a lot of attention.

What is going on in the middle east?

Specifically, with the dubai?

If you have capital and expectations of capital gain, then you can get a project started.

That is a recipe for some problems down the road.

You saw that firsthand in china, right?

Likes the growth was staggering -- the growth was staggering.

It lanes are seven lanes across and trees are planted for miles just because they're worried about wind and each tree is perfectly placed in the grid.

Is that sustainable?

If you bring somebody from the field into the city and you can essentially take half of it, you can fund a lots of projects.

The problem is, the more you grow, the more they worry about things like corruption and inefficiency and the more they want to control their own balance sheets and the less it becomes a government decision.

You can do it for a while.

Alternately, the growth model is not sustainable until you build that middle class and have them build their own decisions.

What is an indicator of that not working?


If you are saying this current growth strategy is not going to make it, what would you look at?

Wax two different models here.

You look at the intermediaries.

Who is providing the funding, how comfortable with it they are . how many nonperforming loans.

They are an important leading indicator.

I have a fun one to wrap it all up for you.

When picky consumers give lemons, the world's third- largest brewer makes lemonade.

The company is rolling out lemon soda and a logger.

It is trying to venture that the drink is sweeter and less alcoholic and beer.

Girls love that.

I take offense to that.

I would never drink some water down lemonade peer.

I want good solid, high alcohol content beer.

I do not like here.

I think this is a good move.

I am bullish on the lemonade.

It is delicious.

In europe, it means bicyclists in german and they want a less alcoholic beverage.

It is absolutely delicious.

You should try before you shoot it down.

I am taking offense at the fact that they are trying to target me.

I want innovative, crafted beer.

Consumer habits are changing.

What is in right now, wind, cocktails, they need to innovate.

When was the last time.

Companies innovated?

They kept their prices consistent during the recession.

Here -- and beer raise their prices.

Cores in the years industry has found a way to make the cans turn blue when it's cold.

And they found a way to get more beer in.

It is like the new mood ring.

The market for craft beer is where the sales are at this point.

I am taking offense at the lemonade been targeted at me.

I will get you some.

If not, i will buy you as much craft beers you can.

I like party beer.

I'm just saying.

Goalie noted.

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