The Top Contenders for the 2016 GOP Nomination

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March 12 (Bloomberg) -- Grover Norquist, president of Americans for Tax Reform, discusses the top GOP contenders for the 2016 presidential nomination with Trish Regan on Bloomberg Television's "Street Smart." (Source: Bloomberg)

We're joined from washington.

Good to see you.

Who was on the list gekko quested to see you.

There are six people who could run start to finish who could raise the resources and the money and have the campaign teams and have a narrative that would allow you to run for president and no one would laugh you off the stage.

A lot of people ran for president, buying a lottery ticket and hoping to get lucky, winning a caucus or a primary.

They then hope to put together a campaign.

Chris christie was number one.

He has had some troubles.

Class is this in any particular order?

Quest going in a circle, east-west.

Chris christie, new jersey can raise the money, northeast has the resources.

When you go to scott walker.

I want to stop doing chris christie.

Obviously, the whole concern over bridge gate and that issue has taken its toll on his popularity.

Can he overcome that by 2016? maybe.

If he had not had a rich day, he would've almost had a full year where he could've locked down all of the big-money donors and a lot of the activists and party people.

That is not happening.

They are keeping their powder dry.

That is why he is still on the list of six, but no longer the presumptive -- presumptive front-runner.

He shot himself in the foot in the last day or so.

He put forward a budget with a number of tax increases in it.

One of the things he used to build a say is i am from a blue state, new jersey, i vetoed all tax increases.

No tax increases while i am governor.

He introduced two tax increases.

Let's move on to number two.

Scott walker, wisconsin.

He turned a blue state red.

Relic and senate, he changed the labor laws in that state and are medically reduced the cost of public employee pensions.

Unions can no longer take dues out of peoples paychecks.

They have to ask nicely for it.

People are saying no.

He cut taxes just 500 million this last week in addition to previous tax cuts.

Down the checklist for reagan republicans.

He has been there.

Go down to rick perry.


He faltered last time but could raise the money.

He knocked it out of the park this past week.

He gave a good series of presentations.

When he is not taking medicine for back pain.

Let's move on.

Bobby jindal?

A great guy.

A lot of progress.

Took a blue state and turned it read.

Past laws in louisiana, not easy.

He has cut taxes.

School choice.

In indian-american.

He would have a lot of support from that committee, financially and vote wise.

He could stand on stage.

He is interesting.

Want to go back to jeb bush.

A very interesting candidate right now.

Someone also very much in touch with the hispanic community, which is important and has florida ties.

Let's jump over to rand paul.

There is a lot of concern right now the tea party has effectively held the rest of the republican party hostage.

Rand paul coming out on top.

He obviously has the support of the most conservative members of the republican party.

Is there a danger he is too polarizing to win on a national level?

That is one what -- that is what one would have suspected, but who has stood next to mitch mcconnell when some of the more irresponsible elements attacked him as some sort of liberal because of 45 republican senators who cannot pass legislation in the senate that requires 51 votes.

Rand paul has to there.

When we have trouble in ford and are worried about the race we just one, the house race in florida, rand paul came down.

Who helped the virginia governor.

Rand paul was there.

He has been helping other republicans across-the-board.

He has been a team player.

As well as a libertarian republican.

That is why he is so attractive to young people.

There is never enough time for any of this.

Even with his name, could he be a real contender?

The answer is yes.

The name is a vote anchor with voters.

It has to be overcome.

As also his rolodex and his brothers rolodex.

He was, for eight years, a

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