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Dec. 31 (Bloomberg) –- Music Choice Vice President of Programming Damon Williams discusses the top trends in music and which artists to keep an eye on in 2014 with Matt Miller and Julie Hyman on Bloomberg Television’s “Street Smart.” (Source: Bloomberg)

Up controversy with "lord lines." we have the vice president of programming at music choice.

We have to talk about what happened this year.

We were chatting about miley cyrus.

She did some insane things that none of us want to see again, but her music -- still huge hits.

"wrecking ball" is a huge song, undeniable.

It is a great 80's power ballad.

I get my hair thing going when i hear that song.

I give her credit for the way she has reinvented herself.

Miley is social media jumping, tv ratings going.

If you look at her last album, which was not so successful, she had to do something to move the needle in the other direction.

And she licks a sledgehammer.

And her performance on the vma -- ama's. were they teddy bears?

I don't know.

You do not think of hannah montana anymore.

A lot of people think of her a lot differently after that.

Justin bieber is kind of trying to do the same thing, it looks like he is having a tougher time.

Yeah, justin is try to figure it out.

He has announced he is going to retire.

He is trying to draw interest in his persona.

I think we will see a major reinvention of just then in 2004 in.

He has hit that point where he has to send a message to his fancy has grown up and changed in a different way.

How will he do that?

I think the bad boy thing is not working.

I think we call it puberty.

He is a little bit old for puberty.

Is he?


What is he?

18? 21? i don't even know.


Producers have become so important.

Pharrell was one of the big ones.

"blurred lines" was one of those songs.

Is there a producer you will be watching out for?

I think mike willis, who produced a lot of miley cyrus's songs will do well.

Pharrell will be one to watch.

He has announced an album for 2014. he has established himself as a vocalist.

Remember "a lucky -- "get lucky." i am very interested to see where he goes vocally.

Also his interpretation of "get happy" was another incredible vocal performance.

He is a guy who doesn't incredible job of creating pop melodies.

He blurred the lines literally between properties are -- you see a lot of musicians become producers, but not a lot of pharrell guys crossing over into performer.

I wonder what else we will see as far as people crossing over into different acts in 2014. i was invited to an exclusive premiere for what beyonce did with her visual album.

I think one of the things she touched on was how she will be becoming a business person.

She has a good mentor.

Obviously, developing your craft, your fan base, establishing a bigger business profile.

I think you will see beyonce move into artist development, probably artist management, her own label.

Is there any chance that beyonce will get a little overexposed?

She has the new album.

She is at walmart.

Everywhere you turn, there she is.

She lives upstairs.

She is upstairs?

I think she has a pad upstairs.

Steve cohen, too.

I think the onset has shown she can reinvent herself, but also reinvent the music came.

At a think the idea of releasing all the content at one time was great for her fan base.

I would watch out for her to

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