The Start-Up That Made Bob Dylan Cool

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April 1 (Bloomberg) -- Yoni Bloch, co-founder and CEO at Interlude, talks with Elliott Gotkine about the process behind their interactive music videos and the award-winning clip of Bob Dylan that has brought them massive amounts of attention on Bloomberg Television’s “The Pulse.”

I can be in the next one.

You are the former musician.

One of your videos from your previous life is on screen.

Had he go from making music and being in music videos to facilitating other artist to make them.

Not a former musician.

Still a musician.

You never quit that.

The startup company is for my band and we all have add side -- a geeky side.

We felt a big need for musicians was the lack of patience that people have and the amount of content that they can be exposed to.

We want to write songs and music . we wanted music videos to be deep and not wide.

And must take an enormous amount of effort to record all of these alternative scenes to give viewers the choice of deciding what happens next.

One of the things that we did was, the platform has a strong technology background.

You make 21 scenes and you get 200-5060 for combinations.

In the bob don't video, -- 256 combinations.

In the bob dylan video -- we said, let us record all of the solos and see what people choose.

We talked about the 70 million people live viewed it.

70. time magazine named it the most innovative video of the year last year.

How successful -- did you dream it would be this successful?

We have a manic vision.

We really want to transform the way people watch films.

People are proud of this.

We are launching a non-linear film category.

We are thinking that, you know, the time is right for the next evolution of how people interact with films instead of just watching them.

I heard that bob dylan's grand skids said he was cool.

We have had good reactions.

You have sequoia, intel, that is impressive.

We really believe in what we're trying to do and it is not coming to solve a problem.

It is creating a new campus for creation and it is a little bit different in the proposition.

If we can do what we are trying to do, it can be revolutionary.

It is not easy.

Plans for more money or an ipo?

Plans to take over the world.

Why just an ipo?

How difficult is it for someone to come into the market and do what you are doing?

Some may say that you are a one trick pony.

Your court a few scenes and you put out.

It is harder than that.

The whole concept of a non-linear film is not new.

A director asked people if they want to change the film reel.

We want to make a similar solution.

It is the most scalable way to deliver this.

It is harder then and looks.

It is simple for the user and we have actually been able to solve all problematic technology issues.

I am going to thank you.

The cofounder of interlude.

I was going to try to have an option for viewers to decide what happens next.

Perhaps we will try that version online.

Back to you.

I like being able to decide what happens next.

Thank you very much.

Great stuff.

An award-winning actor, johnny get, has accepted a new role.

He is going to be the hollywood film ambassador to china.

He is the latest name to step into the movie market.

We caught up with the star in beijing.

And maybe his first visit to china.

By the looks of it, johnny depp is embracing the second-biggest movie market.

He says that hollywood and china

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