The Search for a New Fed Chairman

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July 26 (Bloomberg) -- Bloomberg's Margaret Talev reports on the search for the next Chairman of the Federal Reserve on Bloomberg Television's "Bottom Line." (Source: Bloomberg)

And communication skills that much more important.

For more, we are joined by the white -- from the white house with margaret.

Good evening.

Talk to us about president obama.

Is going to name the next fed chairman.

What are the implications of this letter writing campaign for other potential nominees like larry summers?

Administration officials are now saying they have not made a decision and will not make an announcement until september at the earliest.

They're moving very quickly to shut down this latest wave of speculation for this letter writing campaign.

That's important for a couple of reasons.

It was in august 2009 when president obama interrupted his own vacation on martha's vineyard to announce he would have bernanke for a second term in the white house is trying to signal, slow down.

This won't happen just yet.

This is potentially causing some problems for a potential summers nomination.

If there are enough senate democrats who are either critical of him or who are pushing for the first female leader of the fed, yellin may have some problems herself.

It's really early to say.

We don't know if either one of these is president obama's first choice.

Is that the marine one coming in or leaving?

Click the president is on his way back from camp david meeting with cabinet members all day.

We don't know if whether they gave his super plan for taking on the republicans or not.

The delay on a fed nomination also may signal the president does not want to have this fight ahead of a budget battle.

How likely does a government shutdown appeared to be at this point?

Eking of take -- speaking of taking on republicans, the date could change pushing to november or december, but this whole question of a sequester is very much at the heart of how tough the president should be in terms of his negotiations with republicans.

There are a lot of lawmakers on capitol hill who would like to see him really push this to the brink and risque shutdown in down in order to change the fundamental pattern that the sequester is going to force through 2014. as you know, it has never been the president style to go big on confrontations and blow the whole thing up.

With the economy so much a part of whatever his legacy will be, a government shutdown is really not what he wants either.

It's early to say at this point how much of this is rhetoric and how much really signals strategy.

Today was the deadline for the senate to weigh in on recommendations for the finance committee.

Chairman baucus is attempting to put together a bipartisan plan to rewrite the tax code.

What ideas did he get?

When should be expected see that land?

The committee has decided not to make the recommendations public.

It is going to be a slow drag of finding out exactly what the suggestions are, but we are looking at democrats talking about perhaps $1 trillion in new revenue and they say that's a

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