The Pet Food That's Fit Enough for Humans

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April 2 (Bloomberg) -- Richard Thompson, CEO of Freshpet, discusses the company's fresh food for dogs and cats with Pimm Fox on Bloomberg Television's "Taking Stock." (Source: Bloomberg)


It was founded in 2007. ok, i beg your hardened.

We used to own meal mix -- meow mix.

The company was sold to del monte.

We try to think of the next thing.

The next thing was, can we make food without preservatives?

The ex-meow mix guys but they're thinking caps on.

The only thing we could think of was refrigerated.

It is a $20 billion market and in 70 years, that has not been any innovation except dry dusty kibbles.

I could take any of those pet foods, cut them open, put them on the floor, and you cannot tell me which they go back in.

The innovation has been very small.

We have become very innovative in making fresh food for dogs and cats.

Tell us about the specific kinds of food.

It is very easy to kind of make light of it, say, well, are you feeding and animal food that is better than some humans get and so on.

Can you describe some of the nutritional issues and how that connects to the health of the animal?

There are two great trends.

One is the humanization of pets.

They used to sleep in the back yard.

But he soon, they are in your bedroom.

The other one is health and wellness where people are thinking about themselves eating better and when you look at the humanization of the pets in the house you go, wait, he is part of the family.

I am eating fresh foods for my kids.

We know this is good for the family versus preservatives or processed food.

When you think about that, we have to find a way that we could produce it.

Finding some of the best means that we would and adding fruits and vegetables.

The right complete balanced minerals.

So, we have just built a brand-new plant.

You said that you are in bethlehem.

This is a great spot.

He decided that there was nowhere else that can provide the quality you are looking for?

This was in record time, pennsylvania.

You want to keep your costs down.

We found a way to do it.

We had to build a brand-new state-of-the-art plant.

We built a new $30 million state of the art plant that just opened up a few months ago and we are very proud of it.

I moved over there so i can cause more trouble.

When you have this plant up and running, you have got to have a distribution system.

This was the refrigerated plant.

This is the refrigerated distribution system.

We teamed up with a couple of guys that have thousands of refrigerated truck's. we have to have our own coolers which i hear that you have seen one.

They are in the grocery store, in the petfood aisle.

We are in target, that co-, walmart.

Whole foods one of our customers.

Does everyone want to become like your next best friend because once they hear about this, they say, gee, this makes sense.

Tell me about the cap part of it.

Obviously, we need different food for different animals.

About 80% of our businesses dogs.

Now, we will focus in on cap.

So, we are awaiting special sizes and palatability.

You can find that our cap product is in the.


We are doing some testing now for cap coolers.

Obviously, you can use these

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