The Legacy of Nelson Mandela

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Dec. 6 (Bloomberg) -- On today's "The Agenda," Tom Keene, Scarlet Fu, Alix Steel and Matthew Dowd look at trending news stories on Bloomberg Television's "Bloomberg Surveillance."

Morning on nelson mandela.

Let's take this forward.

We forget 95 years, 1940. the view forward for south africa will be far more challenging.

It is an amazing story.

This man -- it happened at 72. that is what his achievements happened them in the last 20 years of his life.

It is a lesson for all of us.

He decided there is a lot of accomplishments (. he served one term and left the political stage when he was on top.

Nelson mandela and the pope have to mend his humility.

They are very powerful man.

A gandhi biographer in india wrote eight tweak critical of this.

He said mandela should have served two terms where others should only serve one term.

He didn't sub the public good?

I think nelson mandela -- you have to be authentic to who you are.

Nelson mandela, out of -- after he got out of prison, his authenticity was what his power was.

It was the same debate for george washington.

Should he serve one term or go further?

He was front and center for us all day today.

On the markets side, it is job stay.

-- jobs day.

The question is is it going to be enough, our expectations too high?

. the pricing and.

-- put the pricing in.

I think 70% of the country says it doesn't field like it -- it doesn't feel like it.

We can increase and we look at other pieces of data that reflect where the majority of the country is.

Going beyond the broad job numbers.

My agenda is lance and it we got the breaking news that sears plans to send off the mail-order business by distributing the company to shareholders.

We saw shares fall yesterday.

They have been tanking here because eddie lampert's investment, his hedge fund, has been reducing stake because investors were redeeming some of their holdings.

They are hoping they can avoid -- is still crazy.

I know you do not order from its necessarily.

When your kids were in school, school uniforms, people go there all the time.

This is fabulous.

Thank you so much for an extended bloomberg surveillance today.

Thank you so much for the perspective on ron burgundy.

You are so welcome.

Bloomberg surveillance continues on radio.

Tom will have the jobs numbers.

In the loop with betty liu,

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